Superheroes vs Westboro Baptist Church

So these fanatical, delusional religious freaks tried to troll the SDCC, but forgot that nerds will always fight back. (see anon vs scientology)

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Pretty funny stuff.

(And yes, best sign is the Odin one)

I saw that shit today, and those folks at comicon owned those bigoted bitch made mother fuckers. I heard the church was going to protest for an hour and instead left after 15 minutes because the comicon people were doing a counter protest. Good for them.

im like the icp nod sign haha.

The guy dressed as Bender with the Kill All Humans sign made me laugh.

haha that shit was so awesome haha.

“What do we want?!”
“Gay sex!”
“When do we want it?!”

:rofl: :rofl::rofl:
Way to troll the trolls.

irl counter-troll, sweet. Shoutouts to the guy with the Odin sign and “Is this thing on?” in the other hand.

lol nerds :tup:

All glory to the hynpo toad!!!

“got kinda repetitive after season 3”:rofl:

that’s hilarious. WHOA WHOA WHOA YEAH!


This is the best thing I’ve seen today.


Shoutouts to the dudes with the Darkseid and “I have no fear for the Dark Knight is with me” signs. I lol’d. Also, shoutout to muthafucking GRANT MORRISON with the magnets sign. At least, I think that’s him. Sure looks like him. If it’s not, well, shoutout to Grant Morrison anyway.

I’d totally be out there with an “All is one in Darkseid” sign if I could.

I saw this yesterday and I was in tears because I was stuck in traffic so I had time to read the signs. Everyone was all for it, even the cops were laughing and applauding.

Much better than trolling an 11 yo girl.

Loved the Hypnotoad ref.

I would’ve had a lot of TOAA signs. Or Living Tribunal

And I am fairly certain you win a prize for the Grant Morrison shout out (yes, that looks like him)

I don’t get it though. Why was the church there? Are they that confused?

Anyway, the Thor sign is made me lol.

hilarious! I approve.


they really think they can troll the real trolls?

Marvel VS Westboro …

Game of the century.