superior parts


So ive come to the conclusion that the sanwa parts in my TE sticks are shit.
So im going to gut it and wondering if i should go Happ or seimitsu. Im just hoping i dont have to replace the pcb. I would like some feedback if anyone has used any of these parts.


happ don’t fit…


ill buy the shitty sanwa buttons from you, how much?


By shit i mean toast busted done.


I still want it, how much shipped to socal?


gonna wait till i get my other parts first


First thing first. What makes you say that the parts are bad? The parts in the TE stick are the exact same parts they use on the Street Fighter IV Arcade Cabinets. If you don’t like the feel, then American may be the way for you to go. If so, Happ is American. And as suggested above, Happ may not fit(I haven’t tried, may be able to do with some work).

Also, is it the square gate you don’t like? You can replace it with an Octo gate fairly easily. Almost every part of the box is swappable, from buttons to joystick.

Do you not like the round top? Then get a bat top.

As far as suggestions, it’s hard to suggest things without knowing more of what you are looking for.

Do you have lots of arcade experience? I use to play arcades all the time. So for me, it’s easier to know what I am looking for.


Cracked the square gate.
Im pretty sure the parts are defective. (By shit i men dead.)
my friend is bringing his te stick over so I can make sure its not the pcb.
If im going to have to replace parts i just want to try something dif.


… the square gate probably broke because you or somebody using your stick was mashing the fuck out of it… i seriously doubt they are defective maybe 1 button but not the whole stick… or you damaged them…

and nothing is superior to sanwa… the other brands just have a different feel. by quality standards sanwa is the best.


If you decide that you have to replace parts and want something different, how much would you sell it for?


Well you won’t get Happ in there. And if you cracked the gate you need to maybe chill out a little.


if i can just replace the buttons that would be awsome.
Im not tossing the whole stick i like the size.


Yeah you have to be trying to break a restrictor plate.


the stick gets use by me and about 3 other people. But i do get pretty rough sometimes :lol:
thinking about switching to an octo gate since im not into charge characters.

perhaps me thinks i should have worded things better

EDIT: Shit shit shit so my buttons work in my friends stick. If any tech heads are reading this any ideas as to what my problem could be.

I had a similar problem before but everything worked out when I unplugged and replugged everything.