Superior Tech Talk: MvC3 Iron Man Q & A - Ask Questions get Answers



I’m fairly new to fighting games so my ability to pick up FG and just do well isn’t as good as my ability to pick up any shooter. That being said, I am trying to improve my Iron Man. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what I should focus on in terms of Iron Man’s technical aspect?

If there are a handful of techniques/skills that I should pick up for him what would they be? I want to be able to focus on those to improve my overall team as I think it is pretty solid as it stands right now.



Safe pressure, blocking, hitconfirms, spacing. If you’re new to fighters, worry about those.
There’s not point learning iron man specific stuff when you’re fundamentals aren’t solid.


Yeah. I’ve been working pretty hard on that. I’ve won my first five online matches today because I was trying to employ most of what you mentioned, though I still have a hard time blocking; I get crossed up a lot.

But besides those things (which I do admit I need to work on) is there anything IM specific that is important that I should at least start to theorize? While I’m working on the above fundamentals I could run through my head the possibilities of what I would do in certain situations. I used to be a Melee player (I know Smash is taboo around these parts) so I’m all about being able to reproduce on screen what is in my head.


Yeah basic fighting game stuff is more what you should be worried about. As far as IM goes it’s all about hit confirming into as lengthy a combo as possible, his health isn’t too great so you have to make it hurt. Finding the proper assists is a big deal because you have to either get in safely or try to play keep away with fairly one dimensional tools. I recommend lots of training mode.

ps: this game is trash online =p


Most of the OG’s from MvC2 agree that the most important things to learn first in marvel are movement and blocking. Execution is pretty brain dead easy in teh beginning cause you just run with c.l, c.m, s.h, s, sjc m, m, h, s, dash, l smart bomb xx proton. Once you understand movement and blocking correctly, you can work on more complicated execution (fly, dash, assists included) and start worrying about team choice, assist coverage, mix-ups, resets, etc.

Movement takes months or even years to learn well so don’t take it lightly. Some people never learn to block well.

In terms of iron man specific, I think it’s just important to learn how you’re going to hit people to even begin combos first. You’re mainly going to get in off of air-to-air m or h, triangle jump m, c.l or h repulsor into c.m/s so I guess you’re best off learning how to get dmg off those setups.

practice hitting repulsor xx proton cannon, smart bomb xx proton, repulsor to c.m and doing airborne smart bombs followed by dash in to cover your entry


What does IM have in this game to make up for his lousy health?


decent movement, spectacular range on his air normals. Also, all of his assists are pretty good.
I would say, learn to zone them with iron man’s normals, (air movement, triangle jump, flight mode, learning the spacing of j.m and j.2h j.5h and j.8h)
If you really want you can start working on taking on more J.h into his bnb’s (I can hit 3 consistently, working to add the 4th, while many players can do 5 or 6).


Games best fly, some of the best damage off the easiest to execute combos in the game, some of the games best aerial raves, good assists, excellent speed, very good air normals, above average ground normals.


His fly is better than Storms? Doesn’t hers last longer and is faster?


To quote buktooth, iron man has the fastest fly cancel and can hit on the 14th or 15th frame after flying


A little explanation needed

Hi,I’m trying to main Iron Man but I don’t know how to play the game obivisualy. I’m in the mission mode and it says: Do a combo using a cancel.

What does it mean to “use a cancel”?? How do you cancel something?? I have never played SF so don’t refer to any of those games. I’ve never played fighting games. Period.

The combo is down L, down M, standing H and then qcf L

Easy stuff which I do flawlessly, but still the game doesn’t recognize it even when I can actually see the moves coming out correctly. So I’m assuming I am not doing the “cancel” part correct.

Am I doing it to quick or too slow? Why doesn’t the game teach us how to play the game. It is so frustrating!

So could anybody give med the exact notation I have to put in.


The notation is not the problem when it comes to cancels, it’s the timing.

A cancel is also known as a 2 in 1 and is defined as the product of canceling the recovery of a move into the start of another move. In the case of marvel vs capcom 3, that means you cancel the recovery portion of a normal or special into another normal, special or super.

For example, if you do standing h with iron man and then uni beam slowly, you get the blast from h, then iron man puts away his palm lasers, and then fires off a uni beam with his chest.

When you use a 2 in 1 or cancel, you do s.h and immediately input d, df, f + atk and you get iron man shooting out his palm lasers and before he even puts his hands down, he begins shooting with his chest laser and you get a combo. What happened was you canceled the recovery of the standing h (the portion of the move where he puts his hands down) and goes straight into the unibeam.

There is no notation difference in the combo of s.h xx unibeam. you just have to input the unibeam very quickly right after the s.h hits.

whenever they say S xx unibeam, xx denotes cancel

if it was s, unibeam, the “,” would denote a link where you let the move finish completely and then just hit them with the new move after the previous one recovered. An example of this is when you do s, super jump cancel, air m, air m, air h, air d+h, land, s. The d+h, s is a link where there was enough hit stun in the air to continue the combo on the ground upon landing.

To address the fly topic again, I think people look for the wrong thing when it comes to flying. They just assume that the only thing that really matters about a fly is how fast you fly around and how long the fly lasts when in actuality, the really important thing is how long it takes before you can hit somebody after you’ve begun flying.

For example, Iron Man can hit you on frame 14 after you cancel d+h into fly (d+h xx fly), meaning he has a ton of time to link whatever the hell he wants after he?s begun flight. Other characters do not have this luxury and have a much more difficult time hitting you after they?ve begun flying.

For example, sentinel air h xx fly, air l is very difficult in comparison to aerial rave s, air m, air m, air h, air d+h xx fly, m/h/d+h/u+h because his flight is slower. The only reason you can do sentinel?s fly combo is cause air h has massive hit stun. You reel for a damn hour and a half sometimes from that move so you cancel it late and visually hit confirm. Doom combos, storm combos, etc. are much more difficult than iron man combos once you realize that IM flight is godlike because he?s probably the most nimble air character in the game with 3 directional h?s, a double jump, air dash, flight and 2 air specials. Storm has similar aerial rave potential, but it?s much more difficult to pull off.


Thanks for the great explanation, man! I understand it like it is almost like buffering a move. That you start inputting another move before the last one is finished. But do I have to input the next attack while the previous one is executing to cancel it or before the animation for the first one even starts? I am asking if the attack I want to cancel is supposed to be executed or it is supposed to be totally cancelled? I think the latter one makes more sense.

And also; What is the point of cancelling? Seems to me like a waste of time and just complicates things. If the first attack is not supposed to even hit (because you are cancelling it) why not just put the one you actually want to hit the opponent with?

These are probably stupid questions, I know, but I am trying to actually learn this ultradifficult game from scratch, only playing Mario-games before!!!


Yes you do. You have to execute the next move before the recovery of the first move begins. In marvel, it’s pretty lenient tho and things stay active forever. It seems like you can even cancel in recovery frames sometimes.


Well with canceling it’s not like you’re completely canceling out the first move. You’re just canceling out the lag that comes with recovery. So with this you can get more damage. If you just input the move you’re canceling for, like IM’s L. Unibeam, you only get that attack. But if you input it directy after s.h, you get the damage from s.h, no recovery time, and the damage from the Unibeam.


the only thing you really need to learn with iron man is the SRK front page combo. just do it 3 times in a match and you’ll win.


can y’all give me an example of movement please?


So like Roddy I’m new to fighting games and for the most part of owning this game all I’ve been trying to do is learn the fancy combos. I’ve been in and out of a lot of threads on here and this has been the best one for me with sucha simple suggestion: learning the basics first. Luckily I recently bought the strategy guide so instead of skipping the beginning and going to straight to the characters Im going to read about all the basics.

So my priority should be learning the fundamentals of this game such as movement, safe pressure, etc.
Then after that learn IronMan more in depth, then follow that up with team selection.
SN: IronMan makes a good battery right, I want him to be my point. Thanks guys


Movement: air dash, ground dash, ground dash cancel with c.l/m, back dash, triangle jumps with m/h/d+h/u+h/s, flight, unfly, tech rolling both directions, fly overhead (fly->s).


iron man is ok as a battery but there are better ones than him out there. a lot of characters like his assists so saving him for second or third is nice for the team imo.