SUPERIOR TEK Thank You'Z and Shouts From EVO 2K5!

Yes once again a great year at Evo…

We were glad to see so many new faces and an ARMY of old ones…Peace to all of SRK staff for a great event…And to all of you out there who got our ALBUM…“LEVEL UP” . Make sure that you guys check out our myspace pages until the homepage is up. Again we appreciate all of the support from all the SF heads out there. pictures,and site links will be posted soon.

Vegas was a trip to remember…we made an appearance at club “ICE” and we kicked it hard…saw RayBladeX and a couple of other EVO peeps there…They played some of our new music and repped big for us…shout of to our promotion team!!!

----------------- FIGHT REPORT -----------------------

As far as I was concerned I qualified undefeated in the WINNER’S bracket CvS2.

I later on lost to Moe Powell, a dope as player from Canada. What was messed up about our 1st match is that I had no High Punch until the last round with my last charcter…i lost that match which put a damper on moving ahead…good match moe…

And also LOST to a solid player named “Sao”,who lost to RF. I was 1 match from loser’s top 8 vs RF.

I placed 25th in the Top 32.

I defeated KSK,Takayuki,Jason Cole,LTB,SugarLand,Chris Schmit and a couple of other great players.

Crescent-X aka CX did great as well…he qualified with KSK out of his bracket and also went on to fight Dr. Alpha,Justin Wong and a few others. He also placed in top 20.

Peace to all of SUPERIOR TEK (S.T.K)

Crescent-X ( CX )
Lax Tactics


Nice job repping S-groove as usual. I can’t wait for the vids. Congrats!

Nice match B…

How close where you to beating RF? Did HG attend evo also?

Hey wasup bro! No my brother didn’t go this year…

Umm my match with RF was kinda gay actually…hahaha its retarded cause I had a huge lead in the K vs C first match and still barely beat him…then he switched to A groove and beat my ass down pretty much lol.

Damn so it was 2-1 him. How the hell do you keep up with cvs2 when i hardly see you play anymore. Good shit holding it down. :tup:

That’s a good question…the answer is I’m so busy with work now that arcades are outta the question. I get off too late to go anywhere these days. So I haven’t played for quite sometime…just the occasional match at home is all. LOL I think I made it the furthest this year out of all the pad players…yeah way to rep the PS pad eh?

Yeah GG’s Ancient Days… You came off with some dope shit…keep that shit gangsta out there…and thanks to all of you who supported SUPERIOR TEK . Check out our myspace page, the STK homepage will be up soon…thanks again everyone!!!


P.S - Japan3gro Im glad u guys liked our album.

cool pics, STK rocks