Superior Version of MvC3

Sooo I’m planning on pre-ordering it tomorrow so right now I wanna know which version will be superior. I’m leaning towards xbox since ssf4 was sooo popular on xbox compared to ps3…

whats your take? which version will have more players online? which version will be superior?

I’m pretty sure someone here already got both versions… any diff?

I don’t know. Just get the game for the system you want. Fyi, the ps3 version is the EVO standard and arguably has the better gamepad. But if you’re not into the competitive scene or you can’t seem to get the game for both systems, 360 is probably better for the online. Just my two cents.

well most tournaments are on xbox… only a few including evo runs ps3…

if your picking your fighting game console based off the game pad your doing it wrong.

Oh look, another secretly what console do you think is better thread :coffee:

Pick whichever system has the most of your friends online…

I’m talking about from a casual perspective who doesn’t have money to invest in copies for both systems AND fightsticks for both systems, not unless you dual mod.

well i got fight sticks for both system just dont wanna BUY two mvc3 full price lol. I got super sf4 for both lol

Then buy the version you will be practicing on/playing online with.

i wanna buy the version that is most popular. Like SSF4 xbox360 version was the most popular one. And in Tekken 6’s case it was ps3…

360 is perfectly viable if you’re into the competitive scene as well… MOST tournaments use 360, not PS3.

Not to mention the fact that the timing either does not change or changes by such a small amount from system to system that it doesn’t make shit difference. Most people have no problem going from system to system with SSF4, including using 1 frame links, so it DEFINITELY would not be an issue with Marvel where chain combos are used and you have a huge input window.

In short, competitively, system choice doesn’t make a diff.

Honestly, choose whichever you’ll have more friends playing on. More people have 360s, if that helps, but Live also has far more annoying players :stuck_out_tongue:

Preppy or some other mod need to make a thread titled “Unsure of which console to get the game for? LOOK HERE!” and post a sentence or two and then lock the thread since these threads appear, get deleted then appear again.

well technically the mvc3 thread rules did not have anything against “which version to get” threads… but maybe someone should sticky a “which version to get thread and why”

get the one for the system that doesn’t have an inherent 2 frames of usb lag

Yet threads like this basically trigger console wars…something mods would not want to deal with.

Flip a coin. Problem solved.


If you really don’t know what console to get, get the Xbox.
If you really don’t know what version of the game to get, get the Xbox version.

I have no more authority than anybody else upon this subject, but likewise there will NEVER be a definitive answer and so these threads are always pointless. Don’t make them.