Superjump after sa2

it’s freaking impossible (on dc). i did it a couple of times, but it’s all by chance, i don’t actually know when to do it, can anybody tell me what parts of the animation i press down, and when i press up?or is it down immediately press up? when? grrrrr…

The easiest way I found to do it is a tiger knee motion (d, df, f, uf) and time the uf as the same time as the last hit. It’s really not that hard after you do it a few times and get the feel for it

hmmm interesting…i’ll try that. on the dc controller, the only way i could do it every time was by doing down ups throughout the super, just down up down up down up over and over (which i read on and it worked ok, but i wonder how it would do on an arc joystick…but thanks for the tip, i’ll try it!

it always works with me =/ and do her fierce,fierce airchain :slight_smile: try to hit both of the hits, pretty hard, but it build up pretty good meter

For me, I’d hit down, up just after Chun Li kicked the opponent up in the air. Practice more to get the feeling of it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

It’s rather easy.

Just mash it.

u, d x n

You’ll do it EVERY time. No timing involved.

I just started using chun, acutally I just started playing the game, but mashing seems to work best. I dont like it though, because when you are mashing it takes away from whatever you are going to do when you get into the air… wich, I dont know lol…

mashing does help yes, i did that in cvs2 with chun because i didnt have the timing down, and a friend of mine who usually only played ST wasnt able to do it, it works with mashing now, and after a week or so he got the timing down and he could do that shit wiht his eyes closed