Superjump into parry

I have a few questions about parrying. I think by implementing some things into my game and gather knowledge I will get better.

1)Does parry slow/stop your superjump upward acceleration?
2)can you superjump backwards baiting a airparry out of a low frame advantage move?
3)Can you grab a jumping opponent?
4)Can you attack on the way up?

I can answer 3 and 4.

  1. No

  2. Yes

as for 3.) Ibuki, Chun and Oro can…

Crap, I forgot about that. Good save. But in the case of an air throw, do both players have to be airborne?

Air throw?

As mentioned above, Ibuki, Oro, and Chun can throw their opponents while in the air.


I can answer 1)

  1. It doesn’t stop or slow momentum. Sometimes u might be slightly moved, but thats it.

…and i think about 2) if ur fingers are fast enuff, then maybe, but i wouldn’t recommend that.