Supermeter uses for Dan?

Im maining Dan for a while now and i still dont know what to do with my EX-bars.
I mostly spend them on EX-Danku for fast startup, sometime EX-Gadoken but i dont know what to do with my supermeter.
Is the Koryu-FADC into njMP worth it?
Or am i supposed to save my meter for super/legendary taunt->ultra?
Any suggestions?

KRK xx FADC > nj.MP is only worth it of you’re facing small characters like Yun/Yang/Juri and you’re Kouryuking them in the corner, since nj.HP mostly never (ever?) hits them and H. Dankuukyaku will cross under… Although, you could do it sometimes to mix up your opponent if you feel it’s beneficial. Otherwise use nj.HP or H. Dankuukyaku after you’ve KRK xx FADCed, for me H. Dankuukyaku mostly turns out to be the best choice.

Legendary taunt xx Ultra you don’t have to do at all if you’re using U2 if you don’t want to be stylish… with U1 it can be worth it, but I feel a full meter FADC combo would do almost as much, if not more (depending on the amount of gained ultra meter), damage. So in my opinion Legendary Taunt xx Ultra is never anything you should aspire to do if your goal isn’t to be stylish. If I were you I would use my meter whenever it’s helpful and absolutely not deliberately save it for super, not even for the Hisshou Buraiken. Use lots of Gadoukens at full screen occasionally to get more meter.

All in all, use meter for occasional EX Dankuukyakus, EX Kouryukens, EX Gadoukens (although the times where I find it useful are so few, but if you use U1 you can do EX Gadouken xx FADC > U1), to cancel Kouryukens, and FADC combos. Maybe use some airborne EX Dankuukyakus to counter e.g. airgrabs or bait grabs in the corner and follow up with U2.

The best meter uses for Dan are using it for EX Danku (whether to combo off of c.MK or just as a footsies tool) and FADC combos/pressure off of Gadokens. Dan can do an awful lot of damage if you start FADCing forward from a Gadoken to continue a combo, and this will just get better once the cl.HK pushback is tinkered with and close MP is sped up after the upcoming patch. EX Gadoken is of some usefulness in specific cases, but not something you usually want to throw out randomly. EX Koryuken should only be used when you absolutely need invincibility, as it does less damage than HP Koryuken.

Of course, I’m not mentioning Legendary Taunt to Ultra, because that’s obvious. Everyone wants to do that! It goes without saying. Once you get Knee trap shenanigans going, you’re not going to want for meter, so I find that even with liberal EX Danku use I can still pull off the Legendary Taunt combos. :wink:

Meter use is down to personal preference really, though some things do go without saying (Legendary Taunt FTW). FADCing KRKs to make them safe is always a good idea. FADCing KRKs and Gadoukens for more damage on your punishes is totally up to you, UD loves doing it but personally I only do it to close rounds and keep my punishes simple.

Thanks for the fast and informational answers, i was mainly searching for FADC options and didnt think about Danku after KRK-FADC.
Im gonna go practice a bit online.

Another question: Im using the Gadoken too less imo but i cant find situations where its useful (except EX and FADCing out of it). You cant really zone with it and if its blocked you can be punished easily. When to use the Gadoken efficiently?

Gadoken can’t be punished on block, it can only be punished when they anticipate it and jump over it or use an invincible move to go through it.

With a Gadoken, in some matchups from half-screen, you can essentially pretend to be a projectile character. Against Zangief or T.Hawk or a similar character, you can keep them at bay as long as you throw projectiles wisely. Mix in some QCF+LK fireball fakes to try to bait them into jumping/EX Green Handing/etc., and be ready to Koryuken them out of the air or punish their attempt to go through the projectile that you didn’t fire.

So its safe to end a blocked combo with a Gadoken without being punished? Thats great news. But can you be punished from a blocked Danku (LK,HK)?
As for the fact that Gadoken is used for mindgames im going to use it more often. Thanks :wink:

You can end combos in Gadoken without being punished. Depending on the specific move you used to set it up, a mashing opponent might be able to get a reversal in before the Gadoken actually comes out. c.MK to Gadoken from longer range, for example. But in that case, they’d mash that reversal no matter what move you cancel into, Dankus wouldn’t be safe either.

As for Dankus, the grounded Knee of Justice (LK Danku) cannot be punished by anyone. At worst, it’s even on block, and at best it might give up to 9 frames of advantage. MK/HK Dankus are -2 on block, which means they can be punished by a handful of moves. Zangief/T.Hawk command grabs/Supers/Ultras, the Raging Demon Super (but not Ultra), Hakan’s Oil Coaster Ultra, Ibuki’s Yorotoshi Ultra, Guy’s Bushin Musou Renge Ultra, and Chun Li’s Super. The only characters you need to fear doing it against meterless are Zangief and T.Hawk, but watch out for the other situations when they have meter.

EX Danku is unsafe from point-blank range at -3, meaning it gets tagged by all the things listed above along with some Shoryukens (Ryu’s, Ken’s HP, but not Seth’s) and many people’s jabs/shorts. However, EX Danku from longer range gives frame advantage, up to +5, which can make it safe and possibly bait out a reversal from someone who thinks it’s unsafe.

Thanks again for the detailed information! Thats gonna help me alot against player that instantly run away when your downed so i can keep pressure on.

My favorite use of meter is doing a Shoryuken > Legendary Taunt > Haoh Gadouken.
It’s so satisfying.

Don’t think I’ve ever done a Saikyo Crusher MKII in a match :frowning: Done the odd MKI but can’t recall doing the MKII…

P.S. It’s called a “Kouryuken” :wink:

It’s the best. It takes some luck, though.

And my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

funny, but i do 4 ex danku for the fuck sake of it :smiley: