"Supernatural" on the CW - Thank you for the 15 seasons

Didn’t know if there were too many other people watching this show, but I saw some other viewers in the Smallville thread. I love this show, its one that my wife and I watch on a consistent basis.

Favorite episodes? Worst episodes? Etc.

I had reservations about this show when I heard it was produced by McG, but its been awesome.

Oh, and in May, DC is putting out a comic entitled “Supernatural: Origins” starring the Winchester dad. Geoff Jones is writing a back-up story in it, too. Interesting.

Last night’s episode was kinda bizarre, but I liked it.

this is my shit…lol…and its like written and co produced by Ben Edlund…thats the creator of the tick mofo’s!

i like the episode where they had the 2 ametur ghosthunters…they made a bunch of ghostbuster references in there lol.

I really hope they didn’t finish the arc with Sam’s abilities (so far, he’s the only one of his kind who has exhibited multiple psychic abilities) with the demon possession from last week. Other than that, there aren’t too many unresolved plot points in the series.

Monster tiers (updated 05/18/2007)

Red Eyes
John’s Ghost

Yellow Eyes (Dead)
Blonde Girl with the super, demon-killing knife
Psychics, limiter off (All dead)
Black Eyes (who had a cameo on Smallville)

Seven Deadly Sins
Shapeshifter (why always mimic Dean?)
Crazy Rogue Hunter Black Guy

Updated. Yellow Eyes drops a tier for not keeping the reaper body and what happens in the season 2 finale, and Red Eyes goes up a tier for what it acquires (or will soon). John’s Ghost added to top tier for what he does in the season 2 finale, though he technically isn’t a monster, per se. Djinn and Psychic, limiter off added to Mid Tier because they have crazy abilities. Rogue Hunter drops a tier because he got owned by cops and never came back. Black Eyes had a cameo on Smallville.

Update: Blonde girl added to mid tier for having the super knife. Seven Deadly Sins added to low tier for sucking. Red Eyes moves to the top of top tier because she has owned Dean (and, by proxy, Sam).

Yeah, I remember in the Ghostbusters thread you mentioned it, too. That was great, “Who ya gonna call?”

I’m pretty sure this’ll be one of the main points of the remainder of the season, the whole thing with preventing Sam from turning evil because of his abilities. They never did find that other girl with abilities who killed her fiancee, did they?

Not yet, no. Her, Sam’s powers, Croatoan, and the demon-possessed guy are still unresolved. If you really want to stretch it, the only psychic we saw who wasn’t killed?the persuasive guy?is still around, too. Of course, so are Yellow Eyes and a bunch of other jobber demons/spirits/whatever.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, reapers would be top tier if they were immune to demon possession. Currently, as far as we know, Yellow Eyes is possessing a reaper.

I’ve seen the show on TV (the UK are obviously behind the US) but never took the time to watch it. It’s like Prison Break, another great series that I’ve simply missed too much of to enjoy properly.

Was looking on wikipedia and found some interesting stuff:

It’s like the X-Files, only I actually like the show.

As for new viewers, I’ve missed a lot of episodes, and have been able to jump back in without much problem…

First episode I saw was the one in the forest with the wendigo, probably one of the first couple eps from the first season. I dodged the show at first after seeing the commercials, but after watching a few episodes, I was in.

The episode with the creepy old man in the painting was good…actually, pretty much all of the episodes I’ve seen have been good. The one with the angel a few weeks ago was “meh” compared to the rest, IMO.

The one with the guy who had a girlfriend who got brought back as a zombie was…interesting. And the one with the shape-shifter in the bank was good. Mandroid ftw…

it reminds me of a live action house of the dead

Not really, more than any show on right Supernatural practically every episode is like a stand alone movie.

I actually really liked that one with the cannibal family, it just so fucked up.

Dean’s first portrayal of Sam last night was just hilarious.

“What are you doing!?”

I preferred the second portrayal, “Come here, you brave little soldier” hugz

Sucks, but I just remembered we are without a new episode for a whole month. March 15th is the next new one.

If you’ve missed some episodes, they can easily be found online, try youtube, or for slightly better quality (and not broken up) try dailymotion.com. I just caught an ep I didn’t even know I missed (I searched after Sep mentioned the persuasive guy). It was pretty great, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”

i started watching this a month ago…I wrote off th WB after they cancelled Angel but the winchester boys are pretty cool. and the show provides really good music…

I liked the 2 episodes when they tangled with the renegade hunter. That brother is crazy. lol

I enjoy the show but I’ve missed so many episodes. The one’s that I have watched were pretty good.

What happened to the special colt revolver that could kill any demon?

Spoiler warning

The dad traded it along with his own life to Yellow Eyes… so he could save Dean’s life when he was in the hospital… or was it the other guy… fuck if I know. white males all look the same.

The gun can kill any demon in one shot right? How come I saw an episode where a demon possessed sam and dean’s father, and one of the brothers shot their dad in the leg which hurt the demon temporarily but didn’t kill it?

Supposedly the colt could kill “anything,” but I guess it’s more of a bullet property, so that it has to be a fatally placed shot. As for where it is now, Yellow Eyes has it.

Ive been watching Supernatural ever since the middle of the 1st seasonm and just caught up from there. It was so broken when by the end of the first season ppl were getting possessed left and right. I was thinking " How can these guys fight this. It sux that one cute evil chick died, she would of rocked sam’s world, lol.

The fuck is the CW?