"Supernatural" on the CW - Thank you for the 15 seasons

CW is basically the merger of the WB and UPN networks…solid.

When I first started seeing previews for Supernatural, I didn’t think it would last midseason…glad I was wrong about that.

I remember watching that episode about Dean between life and death, and he meets that chick, tessa…and when she reveals to be a “reaper” I was like, if they ever did a Bleach Live action movie right now, she’d be rukia.

There was a new episode last week. Pretty good. I missed it so I had to torrent it. Kind of a filler episode though, but good nonetheless.

^^Yeah, I never saw that ending coming.
If possible, they need to bring back Jeffrey Dean Morgan.:rock:

I agree the ending took me by surprise…kind of like 6th Sense type stuff.

Next week’s episode is looking cool…

I liked the new episode as well made me think a bit of life and after death…some good shit.

I really like that they didn’t try to half-ass explain their thoughts on the afterlife and instead just went with, “We don’t know where they go, but they don’t come back.” I did totally see that ending coming, though, for some reason. Must have something to do with all the mystery/suspense books I read; I always expect a twist like that now.

Anyone know what kind of truck John Winchester was driving? (the black one)

Just saw the Werewolf episode…


[details=Spoiler]The ending was weird for me to watch because Dean cried…afraid of what he may have to do to Sam if he cannot be saved. The one time Sam gets pussy…he ends up killing her.

Madison would get it doggystyle.[/details]

Yeah that werewolf girl was hot. She would get it doggy style.:rofl:

I thought it was bad timing to have two episodes in a row with pretty much the same twist. The ending for the werewolf one was a lot sadder, though.

Im just wondering how they’re gonna take out the yellow-eyed demon without no colt.

Since the colt is in the possession of the Yellow Eyed Demon, they could very well get it back. Or maybe they will learn some new form of exorcism. Or they could attribute some miracle of God’s doing (this possibility was hinted at in one episode). Or they could even bring back a more powerful supernatural being (like Trickster).

More likely, though, they will take out Yellow Eyes with Sam’s ability after Sam snaps back to his senses after nearly killing Dean somehow. I don’t think this will happen anytime soon, though, as it would probably end the series. I predict that the final story arc will involve Dean and other hunters taking out all the psychics, except for Sam, and then Sam takes out Yellow Eyes.

I still have the last “new” episode on my laptop, waiting to be watched :-(. I should watch that before I check out tonight’s new episode.

I repeat, there is a new episode tonight.

Yeah, you should probably watch it.

A bit late, but I loved Thursday’s episode. The ending was sorta predictable, but a nice number of in-jokes.

Oh schnap…Sam vs UNS Soldier!

Felt uneasy at the ending of the genie episode from last week, like you couldn’t be sure Dean really woke up.

This most recent epiosde…good stuff.

Finally saw last week’s episode… my DVR keeps messing up and not recording this show. Can’t wait for this week’s episode… I did not expect that ending in this past one.

Kickass Season Finale tonight!

I knew Dean would make a deal with that crossroad demon chick…although I wish it was the same woman as the other episode.

Sam went straight gangsta on UNS Soldier! That look on his face was messed up.

A good season overall…and congrats on the 3rd season pickup.

It looked like they didn’t go for a real cliffhanger for the finale cause maybe they didn’t know if they were going to be renewed or not.

Yeah, I saw the crossroad thing coming, they always ruin stuff like that when they show key stuff in the recap. The previous demon chick was way hotter. When the Dad grabbed the Yellow Eyed Demon though, it surprised the crap out of me, and I liked that a lot. Great finale. I hope they clarify though how the mom knew the Yellow Eyed Demon… unless it just turns out to be something like they made a deal with him in the past.[/details]