"Supernatural" on the CW - Thank you for the 15 seasons

Show is still good man. It always kept more or less the same quality and thats for all this time so I really respect that. I kinda don’t want the show to end but 15 years is more than a good run

They’ve had lulls for a season or two but nothing bad. Theirs a reason the fan base has stuck consistent this whole time

Blind loyalty is a thing. As is not realizing you’re in a very toxic relationship.

Chuck pushed the reset button on the Winchesters…DAMN!!!

Oh we are getting guest stars the final season!!!

How many seasons this been on? I never seen one episode of this…

14 I think

Gyfhnfnjkkgedf…man bun!!!

I heard that Game of Thrones is gonna have another season too.


Lmfaooo just checked Twitter… So they listened to Tumblr again and then proceeded to fuck them in the ass :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t know if I can deal with the last 2 episodes…

Supernatural convention coming to Chicago though in 2020 part Deux!

The finale satisfied me…right now I feel it should be left at that.

At least for the brothers.

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