Supers off UOH

I was going through the 3s frame data, discovered most (not everyones) UOH granted somewhere between +0~8 and most supers (though not all) connected between 2~4. This leads me to believe that timed right almost everyone should a guaranteed super off UOH . Problem is I can never get it, and second I hardly see anyone do it? Why so? What are the circumstances to landing a super off UOH?

1: UOH must hit in its late animations, that means either from max range or meaty on wakeup
2: the super has to be fast of course, but has to cover the needed horizontal range in time. That means that max range UOH isn’t enough for some supers.

how about shin-shoryuken? :confused:

I don’t think that could connect off a max range UOH, just a meaty closie.

Lots of things can be comboed off of meaty UOH. In some of the KO vids, you will see him meaty UOH -> jab -> short -> strong -> Genei Jin ninja combo.

Comboing from UOH is less dependant on the UOH animation, and more dependant your opponent’s reel-stun frames.

Couldn’t you UOH, cr.mkXXSA2, since the has that “sucking in” property?

Your mom had that “sucking in” property last night.


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Ryu’s is seven-frame startup, I don’t think it can. I’ll try that out tonight though, would be tight if that works.

it’s possible since UOH’s hit advantage on crouching opponents ranges from +1 to +8
but that would require both a perfectly timed/spaced UOH AND an 1-frame link.
Not practical imho.

Yeah you’re right, the can connect, but it’s a crazy bitch to work and pretty worthless to try in a match.

You can’t connect the shin afterward I found it, you’re just too far away.

using Ryu you can do a meaty twds + forward -> c. forward xx super. in videos, the super used was Shinshoryuken and the dummy was Oro. i haven’t tested on others, but i’m guessing if you use Shinkuu it’ll work on anyone.