Supers that benefit the most when opponent is crouching?


OK, I first noticed this sort of thing in match vids. Q’s SA1, in particular. Gets a HUGE damage boost if the enemy’s crouching when they get hit.

I recall seeing another video of Urien’s SA1 doing the same thing. Are there any other supers that get a significant increase in damage like this?



Remy’s sa1 keeps the opponent crouching the whole super, so it can add up to better damage in proportion to the length of bar and strength of his sa2.

also the damage for sean’s sa1 on a crouching opponent is pretty sick, but u already probably knew that.


I’ll do some real testing in the next day or two, but off the top of my head:

Akuma SA1
Dudley SA3
Remy SA1
Ryu SA1
Sean SA1
Urien SA1

Obviously, some supers get a slight increase - even if they stand the opponent up after the first hit - if the first hit of the super does a lot of the damage.


about Urien’s SA1, is the total damage increased if the opponent is crouching? reason for the question is because the final hit of the super (the lariat) doesn’t seem to “totally” nail particular characters while crouching, i.e., Chun-Li, Yun/Yang among others. then again, maybe it’s just me :D.



Also, some characters are “wider” when they’re crouching, so you get extra hits that way (Hugo, Dudley, Alex…).



That’s a negatory, good buddy. At point blank range, SA1 actually does -less- damage on a crouching Ryu. On Alex, it’s slightly more crouching (1%). In general, Tweleve SA1 falls into the very-slight-increase category.

Other additions/notes to my earlier post:

Remy SA1 must be at a very specific range to get all hits on crouching Ryu (about 2/3 screen). On bigger chars (like Q) he will get all 7 hits at point blank.

Akuma SA2 gets a good chunk of extra damage from the first 4 hits (they don’t stand up). KKZ gets a lot of extra damage from the first hit on crouching as well.

Urien SA1 does -less- damage crouching on those characters that get hit by the alternate final hit (Chun Li, twins, Oro, Remy)

Ibuki SA1 (!)

Ibuki SA3 gets a decent bit of added damage if you get all 3 daggers crouching (specific range).

Gill Seraphic Wing (that bitch).

Of course, during the course of testing these, I came up with several new combos. That is all. Carry on.


Thanks, everyone!

I had asked this to see which ones would be likely to happen in a real match…from the looks of it those would be Dudley SA3, Q SA1, Ibuki SA1, the shoto fireball supers, and to a lesser extent Remy SA1.




Everything about Twel(e)ve is very slight.

I was specifically talking about characters that get wider, i.e. Dudley, Hugo, Alex. And ya, but who ever does XNDL point-blank? It’s usually off of jump-canceled mk or a UOH, which puts opponents at what Mortal Kombat players might refer to as “Ninja Sweep Distance”.

N - Well, they might!


I thought all attacks but throws got a 25% damage increase on crouching opponents. Do some supers get a bigger % increase than others?
I know characters who get a damage bonus from their personal action do not increase the damage of their attacks by a flat rate.


The supers listed are special in that they keep the opponent from standing up, thus getting the 25% damage bonus on every hit of the super. Hadou Burst is only one hit, but it’s worth mentioning just because it does a lot of damage for a one-hit move.

For example, if you hit a crouching opponent with Shippu, they will stand up after the first hit, so you get only a very slight increase in damage for the super as a whole (because the first hit of Shippu doesn’t do much damage). On the other hand, if you hit a crouching opponent with Q’s Critical Combo, they don’t stand up, so you get a 25% damage bonus on the total damage for the whole super. Quite a noticeable increase.


Necro’s ES isn’t bad.

UOH -> SA3 rocks.


makoto’s SA1 gets an increase also i believe


that shit just hurts, period. its a frigging easy to land raging demon :mad:


makoto UOH SA1 set up:

c. mp -> UOH -> SA1


I think this is a useful topic for people to see, so can we please keep it on topic? I’d appreciate it.

There are several supers that get a noticeable increase in damage on a crouching opponent because the first hit does a lot of damage (such as Q SA2, Makoto SA1, Ryu SA2, etc.) but they still don’t keep the opponent crouching during the super. This list of supers was specifically those that keep the opponent on the ground and in a crouching position through the whole thing so that the 25% damage bonus is applied to the entire super.


is there any damage scaling when comboing off a UOH?

also, does the same damge apply if they get hit while doing a crouching move, or does it only apply when they are simply just crouching?


I had no idea you got a attack increase on a crouching opponent.

Do you guys mind if I add this info when I update my new FAQ?
I’ll give guys all the credit, of course.
It’s a brand new FAQ, and I was just coming to SRK to see if anything else could be added.

Check it here:


I’ve come up with some strange information.
The following is on the DC, normal damage, against Ryu. Not against the CPU because the CPU reduces all attacks by nearly 50%.
The following are points, not percentages!

The first column lists STANDING, the second is CROUCHING.
Some supers have bogus names because I can’t remember the real ones.

MGHado 40 48
MGZanku 44 55
MGRasen 53 55
MGSenpu 56 57
MGShoryu 53 62
SGS damage doesn’t change
forgot to do the KKZ

Jupiter Thunder 39 41
Tyrant Punish 58 71
Aegis Reflector 19 20
(EX Aegis wouldn’t combo.)

Mango Storm 51 57 (both at 9 hits)
Slam Dance 66 66
Electric Snake 39 43

Ball Super 35 46
Super Radia 63 63
Ground Knives 45 51
Air Daggers 46@ 20 hits 53 @ 16 hits (got tired of mashing the $#!@ DC controler trying to get 20 hits)

Shoryu Cannon 53 54 both @14 hits
Hyper HORNAY 61 62
Suck Ball 32 40

Hyper Bomb 73 73
Backdrop Bomb (no such state as a backturned crouching opponent)
Boomerang Raid 49 52
Stungun Headbutt 25 25

Almost nothing gets a 25% increase, even supers that keep the opponent grounded like Gouki’s fireball. It gets a 20% increase.
Tyrant Punish gets a 22% increase. The only thing so far with a 25% increase is Sean’s fireball.
Obviously throws don’t increase damage but what the hell, I like hitting Ryu.

That’s all I have for now. Anyone want to pick up some more? It will be several days before I can get the rest of the information.


Hey Donkus, is it okay if I quote your post in my FAQ?
I’ll give you credit of course, and I’ll put it verbatim, partly because I’m lazy, partly because I’m busy, and partly because “Hyper HORNAY” makes me LMAO :lol:


Shiki Dan: Use whatever you like. Here’s the rest of the info; you can use it too if you want.

1st is vs standing, second is vs crouching. All against Ryu on normal damage.

Kongou Kokuretsuzan 88 104

Kick Super 43 45
You-Hou 53 56

Sonic Booms 43 26(most miss a crouching Ryu)
Flash Kicks 51 55

Critical Combo Attack 52 63
Deadly Double Combination 67 72
Total Destruction
Strike 51 64
Seize 68 68

Chun Li
Kikou Shou 45 49
Hoyoku Sen 54 55
Tensei Ranka 38 25(hits crouching Ryu one time)

Seichusen Godanzuki 69 74
Abare Tosanami 49 54

X.N.D.L. 52 @ 8 hits 55@ 5 hits
X.F.L.A.T. 60 61

Roll Super 42 47
Raishen Mahaken 62 65

Shinku Hadoken 42 52
Shin Shoryuken 76 79
Denjin Hadoken 36 39

Seraphic Wing 96 117
Meteor Storm 87 (got less hits vs crouching, don’t really care about Gill)

Geezer Strike 46 46
EX Geezer Strike 58 58
Yagyou Dama 28 34
Yagyou Oodama 80 @ 12 hits 78 @ 11 hits

Corkscrew Blow 38 43
Rolling Thunder 58 @ 8 hits 64 @ 8 hits
Rocket Upper 52 56

Spinning Beat 43 45
Brave Dance 56 61

Hammer Mountain 56 56(!)
Gigas Breaker 84 84
obviously Megaton Press will not hit standing or crouching opponents

Shoryu Reppa 55 58
Shinryuken 68@ 15 hits 71@ 15 hits
Shippu Jinrai Kyaku 40 43

note: Hugo is the only person whose Super Art damage does not change against crouching opponents.
Some more percents for “grounded” supers (except the KKZ):
KKZ = 18% increase
Shinku Hadoken = 23%
Yagyou Dama = 21%
Critical Combo Attack = 21%
Total Destruction: Strike = 25%
Corkscrew Blow = 13%
Kikou Shou= 8%

Only Hado Burst and TD: Strike get as high as 25%. Notice they hit one time. According to the distributive law, a 25% for supers should be the same as 25% of each hit + each hit all added together.
I suspect this doesn’t work for two reasons:
Not all supers keep the opponent grounded.
Supers scale their own damage. I mean on a more complex level than simply reducing the % increase against crouching enemies.

Gill’s Wing super starts off quite powerful and gets weaker at the end. But when I did this test, I managed to block all but the very last hit, which did a nice chunk of damage, more than the last hit normally does.
This would explain why things like Shinku and MGHado don’t get 25%. They get 23% and 20%. My idea is corroborated by the fact that Shinku has one less hit. Kikou Shou and Corkscrew Blow hit even more and end up with an even smaller increase. I do not think the relationship is linear, but I don’t have enough numbers to prove this and I don’t have time for more checks.

Cool Trick
Start Q’s Double Deadly and Ken’s Shippu so that their first hits land at the same time (do them simultaneously). Both players wil freeze a bit off the ground in their hit animation. Ken then flies to the other side of the screen and Q goes “Uhh.” and falls down. This proves Q is better than anyone else.