Supers that go through aegis?

So I was practicing sean trying to create set ups and stuff when I remembered that his shoryucannon and hypertornado can go through things on start up like projectiles and cant get stuffed by anything (to my knowledge)

So I asked myself, what if I can go through aegis?
so I set up most case scenerios like corner trap and cross over unblockables.

and to my surprise, they both escape the corner trap hitting urien and they trade hits on the unblockables.

so I was wondering, what other supers might bypass is sa3?

things that come to mind are,
dudley sa2
raging demon?
most things that go forward.

chun sa2
geneijin/tengu break it almost instananeously
denjin (loses hits though)
ibuki sa1
stungun (over)
electric snake goes under i believe
kinshin riki ex (i believe has invuln the entire time)
ex yagou

RD gives you VERY brief invincibility, but practically it will rarely beat an aegis. Now kkz on the other hand…

every gill super?:smiley:

I think I’ve seen gill get knocked out of his fag angel by it

hammer moutain…

Q SAI escapes corner Aegis unblockables and any other Aegis setups that have the Aegis at Q’s middle-back area. Q SAI has enough invincibility to go through any Aegis for its first hit and that first hit will actually hit Urien if he’s close enough, but after that the invincibility wears off and Q gets caught in the reflector.

really sa2 chun gets out of it? 0_o

A well-timed Chun SA2 can go past Aegis like it goes through fireballs.

It’s not a super, but if there’s a reflector between Alex and Urien, Alex can b.fierce Urien if he’s coming forward. Alex’s b.fierce will go through the Aegis.

Reversal Hyperbomb, Gigas, and Shinshoryuken can get you out of midscreen unblockables as well as corner Aegis traps.

i was messing around with sa2 yun, a while back against my friends urien and we were both suprised to see that it goes through reflector

needles baby

(as long as the reflector isnt touching the needler)
not very helpful