SuperSF2 had supers in 1994?

peep this vid


go to 6:20. kid with fei long does his super. i did not know they had them back then. why didn’t they put them in the snes version???

They held a location test for the then in-development ST at that SSF2 tournament. It says so in the video description. :smile:

edit thread about it

That’s Super Turbo that they are playing.

nice set of vids

that is pretty cool. how come they waited til anniversary edition to release sf2 with supers???

You still don’t understand. That game is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, which has supers, and is a different game than Super Street Fighter 2, which has no supers.

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DAMN super was so slow :smiley:

Must be as old as the kid in his av.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the last iteration of SF2 (until AE) and the game immediately after Super SF2 had supers.

Pretty good for what…an 11 year old?

I drove from New York to Chicago for that tournament. :smile:
Yes, I am old.

I have all of those videos on a DVD, thanks to Jhow.

Wait… Fei Long did a special finish but got a flashing screen!

I noticed that 2.

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