[SuperTurbo] Zangief SPD quetsion?

Ok why does the SPD sometimes get canceled into another SPD ?, what I’m meaning is sometimes it would look as the SPD will go into missed SPD animation but at early frames it would get canceled into a successful SPD !!

I’ve seen this happen since Super SF2, are the early missed SPD frames cancellabled.

This is because the first SPD is coming out when the opponent is ungrabbable (e.g. block stun), but it has many ‘hit’ frames during the miss anim, i.e. not just the first one. If you didn’t do it too early, when the opponent becomes grabbable and the SPD miss is still on a hit frame, then a real SPD will come out instantly. They can still reverse however because a reversal attack cancels the last frame of block stun into the special move.

Make sense?

You’re talking about that little “stutter” when you SPD right? You don’t grab right away… your arms hang there for a split, THEN you grab them.

I think it’s what s0nicb00mb0y said… I get it when trying ground ticks into SPD sometimes. I’m guessing I’m doing the SPD a bit too early, and it executes while they’re in hitstun/blockstun (meaning I can’t grab them) so I start to go into miss animation (my arms reach out). But the “grab” part of the spd is out for more than just 1 moment. They come out of hitstun/blockstun right after and THEN it grabs them. I don’t think anything is getting cancelled… just that the grab part of the SPD stays out for a few moments, giving you some leeway on your ticks.

I dunno about any official answer, but I’m glad it happens… :slight_smile: At least it’s not CvS2 where I’ve had my SPDs whiff for no reason.

I’ve got a couple other questions about Zangief and his 360s.

Does his spinning piledriver outprioritize normal moves? What I mean is, if Zangief were fighting, say, a Vega, and the Vega stood there for some reason doing standing short over and over (standing short is a very short-ranged attack, well shorter than the SPD’s range), would Zangief be able to get the SPD off? If so, are there any special attacks, like say DJ’s machine gun upper, that it can outprioritize?

Also, why do people tick into the spd instead of the atomic suplex (360 + kick), which is more damaging?

Priority in SF is a matter of hitboxes colliding. Since Vega’s short won’t hit, the answer to your question is yes. The only things that the SPD won’t flat out beat are, of course, invulnerable frames.

In general, the suplex does more damage, but the SPD range is longer. After a tick, which will push an opponent backward, it’s safer to go for the SPD than the Suplex. If you mis-range the suplex, the move will become a running bear grab, and will probably mean the end for Zangief.

You do tick into Super with Zangief but it has to be in the right distance. And with the right tick. Some good ticks are:

  • Close standing Short (Where he brings his knee up)
  • Close standing Jab (The one that looks like a chop not a punch)
  • Sitting short (but in the right distance, same graphics)

A good jumping tick is hopping short (the extended foot graphic), if you land and do super it’s auto blue light special. It doesn’t matter what they do, there is no escape. You may hear or see uppercuts, pscyho crushers, supers, etc, and you will still see them go up in the air.

If you need more info post away :slight_smile:

I know you can tick into the super, I was just wondering about the seeming lack of suplexes going on. To me, as a novice Zangief player, it seems as though when doing ticks up close (like at the point where the standing short ceases to be a kick to the shin and becomes a knee), one should do the suplex instead of the spd because it does more damage. I can understand that at larger distances, like where the standing short is a kick, one would use the spd.

Are there many uses for the running bear grab (360 + kick at some distance from your opponent)? One of the few things I can think of is that maybe if you’ve established a poking game with Zangief, like if you keep walking in with standing forwards or crouching roundhouses, you could do a running bear grab once just to catch them off guard and do a bit more damage. I’m not sure why you’d be playing a poking game with Zangief, however. He doesn’t seem like the type of character that makes his money off of pokes.

Pokes are an integral part of playing Zangief. You need the pokes to pin the opponent in to get close, or to use them as ticks for grabs setups, or knockdowns.