Superufo...sticks & ecc


i found out this Hk website. and here some cheap unbranded sticks:

USD 40.26 (x360) (it recalls me of some kind of hori,doesnt it? )

USD 46.97 (x360) (more or less the same as the old niking sticks)

I pretty like the first one even though it’s sure pretty shitty in terms of buttons (layout wtf?) and stick…but it’s pretty cheap and the artwork is gorgeous …maybe it’s moddable too … who knows :yawn:

They ship worldwide as far as i can see by their feedback.

Well there are also some unbranded (aka clone) sticks for the PS3 too ,like this:

USD 68.77

USD 38.58 (joytron?)

and some branded hori ones (PS3 Fighting Stick 3 , Real Arcade Pro 3 )…

this thread is just to let you guys know what you might find on ebay ,maybe overpriced too… :smile:


The first and second ones look pretty moddable. I know Joytron makes a reskined version of the Mayflash sticks (seen here and here).

If the shipping is cheap (which it usually isn’t since it’s from Hong Kong), I might take a crack at the first one. Might be a diamond in the rough.


Not sure if that is enough buttons…


That last one is awesome :wow:


wow Thank you for posting this. I’ll definitely be picking one of these up.

Well maybe… What are the chances one of these lasts me a couple months playing Dhalsim?


damn. thanks for posting this. i like the button layout of the last one


The royds stick is in the joystick review thread. It’s a* pain in the ass* to mod.


I still like the Royds Stick.EX one.