SuperVega @ NYCC


Wassup people! Just thought I’d let you guys know I will be attending NYCC, however, I won’t be at artist alley due to it’s full capacity. I might be inside the con or outside with a table, not sure yet. I will be selling Smash bros, Street fighter, DC, and Marvel prints. Don’t worry it’s fan art made for the con so I’m well aware about copyright issues


When you buy a poster, large poster, or 3 post cards you automatically get a small mini comic of my own story which I plan to release in November. That’s awesome right?! It gets BETTER!!! At the end of the mini comic there is a code number. That is a raffle number, why is it there you ask? Because on November 1st I will announce (on my blog ) the winner of the raffle and the winner will get a FREE COPY of GOLDENEYE 007 for WII!!!

The winner will have to take a picture of themselves holding the mini comic and showing the raffle number so I can confirm that you are the winner and send it to Please keep your picture files small. Your package will be shipped 2-3 days upon confirmation. U.S. Postal standard 5-7 business.

To contact me during the Con call: (718)607-6032


post cards $2 (3.5"x4.5")
poster $8 (8.5"x11")
large poster $15 (11"x17")

INFO ON NYCC: New York Comic Con - biggest and most exciting popular culture convention on the East Coast! - New York Comic Con & New York Anime Festival

Smash Characters: Stamayosuke’s Gallery

Street Fighters: Stamayosuke’s Gallery

DC: Coming soon

Marvel: Coming soon


This has nothing to do with GD.