SuperVega's UMVC3 fan-art!

Ayup, I’m doing another poster! It was only a matter of time.

Check out what I got so far. I’m starting on the Marvel side b/c I have a lot of favs ^^

Updates: Thor and Super Skrull!

Update: Magneto and Ironman!

cute :] x-23 got a donk

I like the poses and the energy they have. Your anatomy does need work though. Otherwise good stuff and hope to see more.

Update: Spidey, Wolvey, and Sentinel.
This is as far as I’m going with the Marvel side. I wanna get started on the Capcom side now. So the new comers will have to wait.

Update on the capcom side Ryu and Akuma.

These are awesome :D! cant wait to see moarrr

I like the way you color, but some of the blacks in your artwork conflicts with the lighting, specifically the Spiderman piece you’ve done. I believe if you lessen the use of you blacks, some of the limbs will be more easier to identify.

Btw, that Gouki piece is craaaazy good. What did you use to get that linear blur effect for the raging demon?

No, I used Motion blur. Maybe I did OD with the black XD.

Update: The street fighter chicks of MVC3 Chunners and Vipey.

So clean and I love your coloring. The poses as well, nothing looks “off” about them. Love it

Update: Joe, Amaterasu, Arthur and Haggar.

Update: resident evil crew!

Sponge-Bob hover-chair pants is the best.

Haters gonna hate Arthur is awesome too.

Update: Darkstalkers crew!

Update: JACKPOT!


Update: Tron, Zero and OBJECTION!!

Update: Firebrand, Strider, and Franky.

This is awesome! I wish I had the motivation to go through and draw all the characters… Maybe someday! :smiley: