Support for cvs2 for xbl?

I think this would make alot of people happy perhaps rcs back and a couple new characters to spice it up?

This really isn’t that simple seeing as both Capcom and SNK need to be convinced.

No, it is simple. Everyone, when KoF13 hits console, just don’t buy it! Then SNK will go out of business (again), and this time Capcom can be the ones to buy them up. And boom, Capcom vs SNK 3, and there won’t be a SNK vs Capcom 3 to worry about.

Sounds Horrible.

CvS 3 sounds horrible, Naomi & Atomiswave support for 2DF/GGPO is all thats needed.

all i am saying is its a great game and id like to see some online support…and the 2df thing sounds difficult online support for cvs2, p2p based

this is more practical too. cant believe finalburn still cant play naomi/dc games. wtf???