Support Gouken! - Capcom Conducting Character Survey

Capcom is conducting a survey regarding the playerbase’s favorite characters, in order to determine future development decisions.

Everyone get in there and support Gouken. We want to see him in future games.

Oh shit! If y’all truly like the G-man and want to see him in future installments, please do this survey!

Gouken, Q, T. Hawk, Oro, Charlie

Ryu and Ken rank higher than all but Gouken, but I’m not worried about them… :slight_smile:

Gouken, Gouken, Gouken, Gouken, and Gouken

I went with:

Gouken, Gill, Geki, Karin, Seth

Gouken: Well, duh. Why wouldn’t I?

Gill: At least before Turd Strike, he was an interesting character. Despite being the ‘antagonist’, he never actually did anything evil. Dudley’s car? Bought at auction. Tom (Alex’s friend) getting his ass kicked? Result of a fair fight. The only thing that made him hated was being overpowered as fuck when fighting him. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a younger, less-powerful Gill added to SF4. Given the right differences, he could be almost the anti-Urien.

Geki: He had the widest movelist out of anyone in SF1, and Capcom made a huge mistake not updating him. Time to fix that.

Karin: My secondary, and later main in Alpha 3. Needs more love, but licensing issues may prevent it. A shame.

Seth: Hate on his ‘unoriginal’ moves, but they at least tried to have him put his own spin on them. As a character, he just had a few too many good options.

ryu, ken, gouken, adon, sagat.

I went with