Support RAVAGE a.k.a. Ryu Black!

Perfect Heaven (?): The Ryu Black Musical by Mike Ravage Dottin — Kickstarter

And here’s a thread that he started here that features one of his music tracks:*-heaven-ryu-black-210480/


From Ryu Black himself:

thank u bro!

We got one month left, people! The pledge currently stands at $680. Support your locals!


^^ Instrumental for Sakura-chan (from the album)

EDIT: We almost there! The project is currently standing at a pledged $1,510 (we only got 1 grand left to go). Let’s do it!

GTA thank u bro! we’re almost there. Here’s some footage from 1 of the studio sessions…


$510 left to go.

GTA this is really great news… to all the friends from that believe in this or are at least some what interested in this…thank u soooo much haha :slight_smile:

We got 2 weeks left! The project is currently standing at $2,083. Only $417 left to go.

New track from the album!


The project managed to generate over $2500. Now the Ryu Black album can be successful as planned.


arigato everyone! let’s go!

Update on the Album

Chotto omachi kudasai