Support the Canada Cup 2016 Street Fighter V 5v5 Matcherino Crowdfunding Campaign!



**We’re at $6,117.50 out of $10,000


I’m Pablo from Matcherino (think Kickstarter but for eSports tournaments) and Thank You so much for supporting our previous FGC crowdfunding campaign, ECT 2016!

With that said, Canada Cup 2016 is our next tournament that we’re crowdfunding and Matcherino has created Compendium for the Canada Cup 2016 5v5! We’re offering a wide variety of Backer Rewards, Stretch Goals, and other incentives for the Fighting Game Community to purchase/reach in order to simultaneously increase your tournament viewing experience and support Canada Cup 2016!

The Canada Cup 2016 5v5 Compendium is filled with a multitude of FGC Backer Rewards! And the best part? **100 % **of the crowdfunded money from the donations and Backer Rewards purchases will go directly to the Top 3 of the SFV 5v5!

Here are some of the HYPE yet diverse Backer Rewards that we are currently offering (more are found on the Canada Cup 2016 Compendium):

Daigo Umehara Coaching: Yeah, we’re serious. For the first time EVER, Daigo Umehara is offering coaching lessons! Be the first to purchase coaching from this Street Fighter Legend as an opportunity like this is hard to come by!

Team Evil Geniuses Coaching: Justin Wong, PR Balrog; K-Brad, and Ricki Ortiz have all individually signed up to provide coaching as a Backer Reward! Purchase coaching from your favorite E.G player fast as they are of limited quantity!

Team Razer Coaching: Infiltration and Xian are set to provide a coaching Backer Reward to the Canada Cup Compendium! Talk about 2 powerhouses! You don’t want to miss out on this Backer Reward!

Unsigned paperback copy of Daigo’s book, The Will to Keep Winning (AVAILABLE SHIPPING TO THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA): Matcherino is still the FIRST and ONLY online outlet for FGC fans to purchase English paperback physical copy of The Will to Keep Winning. The Daigo Book** ONLY** includes available shipping to the United States AND CANADA.

RZR | Infiltration’s Download Complete Signature Edition Razer T-Shirt: Remember that shirt that Infiltration was wearing while at The Brooklyn Beatdown? Razer has provided Matcherino with 200 signed Infiltration shirts that feature his famous “Download Complete” Evo 2016 response. Supplies are Limited and this might be your first and last opportunity before these shirts are gone for good!

Official Capcom Licensed Battle of The Brothers - Ken Masters 1/6 scale diorama: Kinetiquettes has provided Matcherino with 2 Ken Masters dioramas!

Official Capcom Licensed Street Fighter R.Mika Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya: Tokyo Otaku Mode has provided Matcherino with 10 R.Mika Statues!

Official Capcom Licensed Street Fighter Ibuki Bishoujo Statue: Tokyo Otaku Mode has provided Matcherino with 10 Ibuki Statues!


Here are the Stretch Goals that the FGC can unlock once the Crowdfunded Bonus Prize Pool reaches the necessary amount:

$500 - Infiltration vs. The Canada Cup 2016 Attendees <-- GOAL MET

$1,500 - Daigo vs. John Takeuchi FT5 Exhibition <-- GOAL MET

$3,000 - Street Fighter V Pros Draft Crew Battle (Featuring Daigo, Justin Wong; Infiltration; Xian; GamerBee; John Takeuchi, and more!) <–GOAL MET

$4,000 - Street Fighter V Pros Q & A Panel (Featuring Daigo, Justin Wong; Infiltration; Xian; GamerBee; John Takeuchi, and more!) - Hosted by Zhi <-- GOAL MET

$5,000 - Street Fighter V Pros Analysis & Metagame Panel (Featuring Daigo, Justin Wong; Infiltration; Xian; GamerBee; John Takeuchi, and more!) - Hosted by Zhi <-- GOAL MET

$7,000 - VIP After Party Twitch Stream with The Street Fighter V Pros

$9,000 - The Street Fighter V Pros will sing Karaoke

Lastly, want to help but are unable to donate? Input the code sfv while at the donation screen, and Matcherino will donate $1 to the Canada Cup 2016 Bonus Prize Pool!

Tldr; Matcherino is crowdfunding Canada Cup 2016. You can purchase Street Fighter V Pro services, Official Capcom Licensed products Backer Rewards, Sponsor Backer Rewards, and also increase your Canada Cup 2016 viewer experience by meeting Stretch goals, and donating to it!

Thank You & Long live the FGC!


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To borrow @Azure’s user title… E-Sports is fucking retarded.

Why anyone would want to spend money for “coaching” in a video game is beyond me…



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& It really looks like at this rate of telemarketing PBS donating, required to even continue, that the “e-sports” won’t be here by next year!

c-sports, the poverty e-sports with capcom’s money hungry cash grab cash hemorrhaging game.

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