Support wireless controller de-sync option for ps3

It will make life much easier for tournaments organizers and players if there was an option to de-sync wireless controllers from the HOME button on the controller.

There should be no more accidentally interrupted matches or extra precautions with wireless controllers in tournament.

please vote up

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That’s a GREAT idea!

Sticky, please?

This is the most obnoxious thing about ps3 being the tourney standard (although people are moving away from it for this very reason). Nothing like having a close match in a tourney only to have someone from across the room hit the home button and completely fuck up the match. Tourneys should only be run on 360s and people should only be allowed to use wired controllers. This shit is a problem at every single tourney I’ve been to.

or just ban wireless controllers…

They only make wireless pads for ps3. Some third parties have shitty wired pads but no one uses those.

If they’re only allowed to use wired controllers, why should they only be run on 360’s? Simply put, if you’re hosting a major tourney, allowing wireless controllers is stupid at this point, knowing all the issues.

If you really feel the need to allow wireless controllers, have a spare PS3 there that, when the player is done playing, you plug the controller into. That way, it’s synchronized with the spare system, and not the one being used for tournament play.

Having said all that… online petitions rarely work, but I do think it is a good option. Good luck with getting it done, regardless of the likelihood.

edit: in the event that you have a pad player, simply have two controllers tethered to the system at all times. Not a complicated solution to an over-exaggerated problem.

Dualshock 2 + Inpin > Dualshock 3 for pad players in my opinion. How many wireless controllers other than a DS3 are people using at EVO? Wouldn’t simply using a DS2 and converter be enough. Or any PS2 pad with a wired converter really?

I never understood why wireless PS3 controllers [media=youtube]dAsUqN1KPjw&#t=1m52s"[/media].

Can’t you just pop your battery out?

There needs to be some sort of sync/unsync feature on the 360 as well. Ive got a friend that plays pad, one that plays stick, and I play stick. I unplugged one of my TEs and hooked up my friends pad. Of course he lost cuz hes a pad player (lol), and plugged my TE back in and it came up as player 3. Tried all kinds of stuff to get it to be 2 but you either have to go all the way back out to the menu and go back in to versus mode, or just reset the system.

This is not a standard online petition. This is from the feature request section on the Playstation Blog itself. Sony actually reads these things, and pays attention to highly rated ideas. That’s why they set up that section of their blog – for user suggestions. Mozilla does a similar feature request section on their page, and it’s pretty successful.

I believe it’s in every PS3 tourney player’s interest to upvote this, because banning wireless controllers at this point is not a viable option.

I agree. It’s really annoying to be playing a game on the wireless pad, and then decide I want to play Rock Band and have to completely restart the system because I want the guitar on 1. At least Sony did get that part right with the PS3, because there I can just set the guitar to controller 1 manually via the guide.

thanks DRD.
sony would do us all a favor by implementing this feature. it really shouldn’t be hard to add(I think). and it makes perfect sense to be there.

DS3s use an built in LiIon or LiPo battery. Popping it out means having to open the controller up.

thats what I did last year at evo. old DS2 with either an inpin or pelican converter…

if your going to play on a pad, then why play on the crappy PS3 pads? do it correctly on a 6 button pad, or an old Ps1 or PS2 pad.

the ps1 and 2 pads are exactly the same as the ps3 pad

what are you talking about

Yeah… I can see why you wouldn’t wanna do that!


imo ps3 pad is much better than ps1 and ps2. like, 3k miles better.
dualshock2 d-pad is too stiff and your thumb will die after an hour of practicing. while dualshock3 has a much softer and more accurate d-pad for fighting games.

That’s not really necessary. There’s a small hole on the back of the controller that has a button inside, which resets the controller and desyncs it from the system. The bad thing is you’d have to have pin, needle, or any other small objects to do that.

It would be so much easier to be able to do it from the PS home menu though. I support this fully.

DBC the hole does NOT desync. I tried. it only turns off controller.