Supposed ps4 razer atrox


What yall think supposed from a uk e3 event?




Got a news article link?

Also what is the name of this UK event?
As E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a Entertainment Software Association event that home to Los Angeles California, exclusive to the United States.


No idea seen some guy in a sfv group post it said it was sime uk event i almost want to say it looks like thats the touchpad from the venom


Got a link for your source?


Its from the sfv psn-pc group he nust said its from a event in the uk. Doubt its legit just thought maybe some one here could confirm


So no link huh?

What sfv psn-pc group ?

Razer never cared about the PlayStation crowd before hence why I am showing such skepticism.


pic sure looks real. why does everyone put the turbopanel top center instead of top left on their ps4 sticks though? Madcatz did the sameā€¦


its a facebook group