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What are Supra Shoes?
Supra shoes are one of the sought-after sneakers of young people in the generation. Inaugurated in 2005, Angel Cabada founded the Supra Footwear and initially boomed in Los Angeles, California. Supra Footwear is a footgear company that is patterned and inspired by skate and street designs. Supra sneakers are especially built for black supra skateboarders. Supra, in Latin means beyond and above.

How is Angel Cabada as a Co-Founder?
Supra Footwear actually started as a petite skateboarding shoe company. Angel Cabada himself is a skateboarder. More than a decade ago, Angel owned a shoe brand named TSA. Afterwards, he joined One Distribution and designed KR3W in 2002. One Distribution embraces both KR3W and Supra Footwear. His more-than-a-decade experience in TSA made him bring home the bacon. Those who have been helping Angel in placing on Supra shoes in the market are Samantha Ronson, Chad Muska and Steve Aoki, who are Angels friends as supra tk society well. Angel and the whole team are checking their samples regularly to sure things are on point.