Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage



Welcome to the 21st century, America.


Hopefully this means we can go discuss more important things. It isn’t that I find homosexual couples needing marriage unimportant, but that it wasn’t something that actually merited discussion. They should’ve just updated some of the clerical stuff and let those homosexual couples be on their way happily married.

So how about that TPP fastrack?


Interesting on the Bexar county quote. Count down until texas secedes from the union in 1…2…3…


The south is gonna rise again.

Glad to see America is finally entering the 21st century and it only took 15 fuck years after entering it.

Next lets legalize drugs so I can stop hearing people talk about them.


We still had regional marriages before you guys so…hold it.

Plus only 20 countries allow for it. Its not like we were crazy lagging…go yell at Asia


I’m curious to see how those backwards hicks handle all this. They went from having confederate flags, racism, and no gay marriage, to losing all that in a week.


No one in my area of Georgia taking up arms and marching with confederate flags towards Atlanta yet.

Will keep you updated.


Razor and daboog must be picking out their tablecloth and linen patterns RIGHT NOW

Seriously, this is great.


The most hilarious thing about all this is that I have family members holding that L right now. Some months ago they posted all this anti gay marriage stuff? Where they at now?

Getting their shit wrecked like Soo Mighty rommed them.


Where are they gonna find the flags? Maybe they are getting their own Betsy Ross to sew the new Confederate flag?

Civil War 2: The South Returns

That has a good ring to it. Excited for the future.


Can’t wait to talk to my brother who’s a “straight pride day” advocate. I swear I must have been secretly adopted.


YESSSSSSS, now if we can only move on to being able to marry waifus…


Did I not mention I live in Georgia? There are plenty of confederate flags to find. Be it in the back window of your Chevy, a refrigerator magnet, a child’s drawing, ect., those who want to flaunt one will have at least one around.


Scalia’s saltier than FChamp when he loses at Evo.


Now @iantothemax and @Raz0r can finally have their happily ever after together.


Thomas really is that house dude isn’t he?

I STILL don’t know how he’s on the bench when his wife presents a clear conflict of interest to his judgement.


When’s polygamy?


Hopefully, this opens up the possibility of marriage being a ceremonial (and thus religious) right rather than something that the gov’t recognizes. I don’t see why the public needs to get tax breaks/penalties for agreeing to bone the same individual for the rest of their lives.


Can we get a ruling to end the war on drugs.

I just want to smoke a blunt in peace.