Supreme Court ruled DOMA unconstitutional

I don’t normally make threads, but, I figured, why not?

The word unconstitutional came up 33 times. :rofl: Nevertheless, possible progress?


I wonder if KY stocks just went way the fuck up.


What is funny I heard my dad listening to glen beck. He was using polygamy as what DOMA stood for not gay marriage so he could go on with a lot more hate speech.


heard prop 8 is dead too


Prop 8 and DOMA are both dead in the fucking water!! I don’t know if this completely makes up for their offensive vote yesterday concerning voter rights, but it’s a damn good fucking start!! Go freedom today!


It is. They dismissed the appeal to have it reinstated.


People are missing out the real reason why niggas are gonna be salty: DOMA is dead on the water because it made it harder for states to enforce their rights to HAVE gay marriage.

Irony has never been so godlike.


actually reading some stuff saying its not official. weird.


Everyone should have the right to be stupid and throw away 50% of their networth. I want to know how alimony is decided between gay men: “So which one of you is the bottom?”


Congrats to gays and lesbians for the right to marry each other. Doesn’t mean you should actually do it, because fuck marriage.


The dude that argued for Prop8 was on CNN saying that it’s still in effect because there’s no appellate court decision, or that it was vacated. He said both.

On aother note, Scalia so funny.


lookin forward to hearing the pudgy conservative radio hosts bitch and moan about this. how you like them gay apples??


Now if we can only get some legislation on shit that insures the future of this planet.


I wonder what the national divorce rate for homosexual/lesbian couples is going to be when every state receives same sex marriage.


your reading the wrong stuff then. Prop 8 was deemed unconstitutional a year or 2 ago by the CA supreme court, that ruling was appealed and a temporary injunction was placed on gay marriage for the state. with the supreme court refusing to hear the case today the injunction is lifted and prop 8 goes down as unconstitutional.


While I’m happy that others now have a choice they didn’t before, personally I don’t believe in the concept of marriage.

However, my girlfriend is going insane over this news. I really hope this isn’t implying the potential for future drama between us.


marriage should just be banned altogether


NickRocks is either too good for marriage or not good enough for any woman OR MAN to want to settle with him.

I think the former is a bit of a stretch…


You are fucked.