Surge soda is back!




So… what makes surge so “good”? I’ve never had any.


I don’t think this has ever been sold in the UK, but something seems rather familiar…



I don’t know if I could ever drink something called “Slurm.” It just doesn’t sound very appealing for some reason.


What they need to do is bring back Sprite Remix


Fuck yeah, soda was good and so were the commercials.

When my father coached my middle school football team, for warm ups, he’d do the “Surge drill,” where there was a sledding hill at where we’d practiced, that the team would sprint, as soon as my dad yelled out, to the top and back down, and who ever came first would win a case of the stuff.


It’s a better version of mountain dew

I drank so much surge and ecto cooler hi-c as a kid

Maybe lead to my diabetes


I’d drink it.


Get all the way the fuck out. Surge isnt touching mountain dew (gods urine) and mountain dew will curb stomp them again


Yeah, I heard about this! I can’t wait to take my first taste in 15 years.


sodas fucking nasty and horrible for you. get healthy noobs


I dont drink soda at all for the last few years… but Ill probably drink 1 surge when it comes back


Enjoy your diabetus


Can we bring back DNL, Sprite ReMix, Pepsi Blue, Coke Black and Orbitz too?


I haven’t drank soda for nearly 10 years now, but I’ma get me some Surge, you better believe that.


rednecks across the country are rearranging their EBT budget


isnt soda whats making you stay up 23 hours a day playing MvC2?


Crackrocks more likely and meth





Ah Surge. I remember back in my highscool days people would drink this by the liter as bootleg birth control because it apparently killed sperm. Damn my high school was retarded…