Surprising how well random dps work hehe

hehe not even ken but dan and sagat too. and off course mix up cancels and throws in there too =p

In sf4 anyway

That’s cool.

Do you have a question?

Not blocking and lag will make that happen.

Honestly, try it against actually good players, doesn’t work so well. It’s just online with the delay and the fact that over 95% of players are complete scrubs that it works well.

I think its just the kevfactor taking its toll or should I say troll…

The only time time you should throw out an unsafe DP or un-hit confirmed one is when you have 2 meters to make it safe and you are sure it wont wiff. Do it against a good player and you will eat a third of your health or more from the punish. Or when you know that their option to punish will not result in losing alot of health… ie. psychic dp on dhalsim simbs from max range.

High risk, low reward ftw