Surround sound.

So i recently just bought an LG surround sound totaling about $510.32

So i hooked it all up center woofer 2 sides and 2 wireless speakers.

My 2 sides and woofer work. But my center and wireless dont work. Now im not sure why… and no the wireless reads fine when i was connecting them i heard crackling.

So basically i have no sound out of half my surround sound :frowning: help?

Does your receiver have a test tone mode (most do). If so make it output the test tone and see if all speakers are connected properly and output the test tone at an equal volume. Once this is done your system is hooked up. At that point whether you hear anything from the surround speakers will depend on the source signal and the audio mode you set the receiver to. If fed an analog stereo signal (i.e., with red and white RCA plugs) and set to listen to in stereo mode (and not Pro Logic), not having sound from the surrounds is normal. If you get the signal digitally, but it’s a Dolby 2.1 signal (like a lot of reality TV shows), similarly you will also not hear anything from the surrounds.

Oh thanks for help. its optical hook up ill try the test tone mode

if your front left and right are the only ones playing sound (and connections are up properly) then it may be that whatever you’ve hooked up to the system is only outputting 2 channel PCM currently.

Make sure your consoles (or w/e) are set for digital 5.1. You can check what kind of signal the receiver is currently getting by using the signal info feature on it (look it up in the manual) or just by the display (there should be small icons that signify which speakers should currently be getting a signal, if you see 2: your settings are incorrect, if you see 5speaker icons: than your hardware isn’t setup properly).

Once you verify your test tones work, you probably also have to go in the system settings of the source device and tell it to output the audio signal as a digital bitsream over the optical hookup to get the full 5.1 signal over to the receiver, which will then decode it and send to the speakers. I assume you had that source device hooked up to a TV before, and probably had it set to output decoded PCM audio in stereo because your TV could not do the decoding for you.

Yeah you guys both right i had to go into setting thanks alot!!