Survey: How do you rate the proposed AE v.2012 changes? (REVISED)

Per the complete list of AE v.2012 changes currently undergoing location testing, now that everyone has had some time to discuss the changes as a group, what are your thoughts about the proposed changes?

[]Please fill out this short survey to provide your feedback. - 8/30 to 9/7 - CLOSED
]Click here to see a summary of the survey results so far.

I will most likely cross-post between SRK and Capcom-Unity forums for maximum exposure.
EDIT: Revised the form based on feedback.

am very happy with gouken buffs

im happy the games being balanced but my characters getting a smack in the face.

Im kool with it. One of my characters got hit hard but ill still use him.

i would rather the options be: “more buffs, changes are good, or more nerfs”

saying bad or good doesnt really provide much information to anyone.


I revised the form based on feedback I was getting from multiple people. You can now be more specific about what you like/don’t like. Unfortunately I had to clear all previous responses, so if you already filled out the form once before the change, please do it again. Thanks.

much much better after the revision. thumbs up.

Same shit, different shade.

Will be best version.

LOL M. Bison’s results are literally all over the map. Noone knows WHAT to make of him.

Scared of Cody. But I like the changes to everyone else.

What the survey has told me so far:

People don’t like fighting against Blanka or Zangief regardless of how effective or ineffective the characters may be they just don’t like fighting them.

Ibuki and Juri are unexplored characters that people aren’t really sure how they will play out in the long run if the right player comes along and finds some amazing new techniques with them.

People think that the Makoto nerfs were unnecessary. (I doubt that they want her buffed I’m betting they were just voting for “less nerfs” but that is an educated guess.)

No one is sure what to make of M. Bison (probably because his game is really strong against certain archetypes while not too strong against others putting him in a weird position that you can’t buff or nerf him.)

Even people who would troll and request nerfs to Dan think that Dudley needs buffs.

Most people agree that Yang was over nerfed (regardless of the fact he will be A tier still I agree that they kind of went about the nerfs in a weird way, the strongest character, Fei, gets nerfed the least and the weakest of the 3 gets nerfed the most.)

Who knows, we still don’t know ALL the changes they made. Hell, I’m pretty sure that they’ll change more when we least expect it. But so far, it’s change that show how much more Capcom can do after “experimenting” with AE, after all we can;t know something until we try it.

Interesting survey. It was cool to see that most of my opinions are shared by the majority. Also, lol @ salty Cammy players.

I would say its more who the responders main is and if they are getting buffs enough to possibly go even with him if they had a hard time in the past or not. The people who actually main him welcome the stun change which is actually just reverting the SK stun values to Super, it was a stealth nerf in AE. The FADC stuff is kinda meh. Most of Bison’s bad matchups got buffed, some significantly. A couple of Bison’s formerly good matchups got some huge buffs and right now its kinda in the air if they will go even now or better.

tldr: Hard to tell how Bison is gonna do till it gets played a little. Personally think he might drop down a little.

The changes are good but I really hope these are the last changes we will see. I kinda want them to stick with this version so we dont have to constantly relearn charcater specifics and matchups. But at least no new characters im still trying to learn the matchups vs yun and yang with adon lol.

Bison got the shit end of the buff stick there.

At least it was buffs. Granted T. Hawk got all buffs, but based on the rest of the low tier, its entirely possible that Hawk ends up the worst character in the game.

Oh well, more fun for me. :badboy:



Typical SRK M. Bison player.