Survival and Time Trial gold


Just finished all hard trials and i’m wanting to finish up and get 1000g. Anybody how many wins you need in survival mode for normal and hard gold? Also time trials, what are the cut off times for normal/hard gold medals.

If anybody could get back to me it would be very much appreciated. If this is already a post link me to it, the search isn’t working for me and hasn’t been since yesterday.


oh you did it backwards xD i first finished all gold and than cared about the hard trial etc.

In Survival it is usually until it stops (in normal survival) to get gold, in hard mode survival there is no limit (some guys did over 1k rounds on PSN… O.O) but with 40 kills you should get gold
im not quite sure if 20 is enough but 40 isnt that hard at least with Zangief and stupid AI … xD BUT watch out for Cammy… she totally destroys lariat spam.

I really dont know the times for Normal / Hard Trials but just dont lose too much time, try to land ultra OR perfect every match.
Try perfect everytime, if you get hit, ultra hit him, both options give you good +time


Thanks, started wondering why hard wasn’t ending, then I remembered it doesn’t so I quit around 20. I’ll give this a go now.


Hard Survival will take about 40-45 mins of repeat lariats per trial. Imagine what it would be like with another character…

It’s literally the stupidest task I’ve ever had to accomplish in a video game. All for a stupid, worthless trophy.