Survival Mode: Hard - Share tips here if you've surpassed GREATNESS



ZANGIEF Survival Mode: Hard

This thread is to help everyone achieve greatness by completing survival mode: hard. Please share your tips and experiences here.

Please denote in your response - if you have or have not completed the stupid task! =)


I made this little mod, it might help you (as long as you are on PC)


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn i want that mod! cries with his PS4


It is not easy to pass the survival hard mode, but still possible.
In general, wisely choose the health regain/attack buff/defense buff
Attack buff often good in first 25 games which are easy, and can help you pass each round faster
In last 25 rounds, defense buff is more important than attack buff, as you often losing on killed by CPU too fast, INSTEAD of you can not kill him so fast.
S.HP/Charged S.HP is your main tool to pass this game.
c.lpxn>S.HP (non-charged) is a good harassing and poke chains against CPU

Be careful, Chun & Dhalism are nightmare, you really need to get a knock down in order to get in.
Just be patient, imagine you are playing against a real player instead of a CPU.
Wait them come to you, get a anti-air lariat and a knock down, pressure him/her and win


I am now trying to beat hell mode, in the hell mode the first 60 game is extremely easy and almost guaranteed to win, it is just something to waste your time (about 1 hour)
I lose in game 75~79 two times, still trying hard to own the game.

The gief title looks really excellent.


One more important thing, switch on your match search during survival,
If you think you are losing to CPU, at the same moment you find a match luckily,
just accept the match and you gain a chance to replay this survival game!!



It took me countless tries/hours and I lost like 4 times on lvl 49 Dictator but I did manage to finish it eventually and have been exclusively using the Hard Survival colours since.