Survival mode high scores


I checked the stats on CFN and could not find a leaderboard for survival scores so I figured I’d make a post for those who are doing it for whatever reason. I had a bunch of fun trying to beat friends time on tracks in other games, figure this would be another place we can try and make the experience a little more enjoyable. Feel free to post tactics or whatever with the supplements:

Birdie normal run

I really just started to pay attention to round bonuses so I’m sure I could do better, will post my hard run when I get home. What I remembering working well was using that “magic pixel” supplement gives you x10 the points at the end of the round. Use that damn thing anytime it comes it within say the first 10 or so opponents that you can easily perfect, then you are so far ahead of the curve spending on health isn’t that big of a deal in later rounds.