Survival mode rank UAS

what is the highest number of rounds you have completed in survival mode using a stick, gc or classic controller? mines 49, ryu and joe.

I really haven’t pushed myself… I get bored around 20 some odd wins. I let myself die after 51. I’ll report back when I get serious about it though.


Am I missing something? Why do you get health back every round? And why so much? Not much of a survival mode…

The amount of health you get back depends on how much time is left on the clock (the more time left, the more health gets regenerated). I’ve had the most success with the giants since those matches tend to end a bit more quickly and the AI doesn’t do very well against them. My personal best so far is 84 wins with PTX.

The first 20-30 battles are really easy and boring but it starts getting interesting around match 50 and beyond. Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile: