Survival Mode


How far have you gotten? As of now I’ve defeated 18 in a row. I know, sad…


the computer is boring so i quit after 20 and played training mode. i never played survival again.


30 wins

This is on the highest difficulty of course. The only semi “intelligent” cpu chars are ryu, ryo, iori, and cammy. The rest are meat.

Survival is all about finding cheezy traps to beat the cpu as quickjly as possible without loosing life. How I got to 30 wins? C-Sagat: j.rh, cr.short XX short tiger crush. If it hits go for a meaty j.rh and repeat. If the cpu blocks, tiger uppercut its retaliation attempt (pretty much guaranteed), meaty j.rh, repeat.


Yeah, I know. Wish I had a couple buddies to play against… :frowning:


There is a reward for completing survival mode if you didn’t know. I believe it’s the extended options secret. I sat through this shit in its entirety just to get all of the secrets out of the way. Just get it over with by turning the difficulty all the way down and abuse the AI’s weaknesses (for example, if you shoot fireballs from a screen away, the CPU will just block them and take chip damage all day for some reason). Also, I’m pretty sure you can have another player press START and interrupt the match (in case you are losing), and it won’t reset your progress.

But, yeah, it does suck when all you can do is play the CPU. I feel your pain.:bluu:


I’m pretty sure to unlock the extra options you need to beat boss mode, not survival. I got bored with survival and never beat it, but I beat the boss survival mode before and I think I got the extra options after that.


Oh, yeah. Beating Survival Mode gets you infinite Groove Edit points; Boss Battle gives you the Extra Options.


ive gotten 42 before on hardest, sagat is the only character to get that far because of his endurance, once u get that many wins, the computer kiks your ass in like 3 hits, and their endurance gets higher, plus u dont recover much after each match

i used him in s groove for the unlimited supers at the end, so close to beating it…