Surviving as Vega on the bouncy castle of Xbox Live



Hi all, new player here. Been in love with Vega since he was a ‘boss’ on the version of SF2 we used to rent when I was like 7 or 8 (I think champion edition). Anyhow I played around with him in Vanilla SF4 and was starting to consistently win matches online when I decided to up my game with an arcade stick and AE.

Some first impressions of online play… Ridiculously bouncy. Not just aerial characters but just about everyone in the lower tier matches are bouncing around like crazy and while I find that if I simply bounce around and button mash I can do alright, I’d rather not develop such a weak style of play. I can watch for patterns and interrupt the jump ins but it’s less than a 50% chance that I pull that off. I refuse to blame Vega’s weak air game considering I’m still very new. Any thoughts on how to burn down these mindless jumpers?




I do need to work on my D, learning which overheads to watch out for will help also


it’s not only your only option…

it’s also the best option… even if you were using someone else with an anti air.


Today was much better. I played quite a few in ranked and definitely won more than I lost. I am learning how to block in most of the matchups, Ibuki still trips me up though. I’ve identified a really bad habit of using the slide way too often and getting punished hard. I also jam the too much during a block string. I play best when I’m first starting my playtime and my nerves are calm, now if I can maintain that focus after 10+ matches…