Surviving shoryuken



I’ve played Ibuki as my main for a couple of years now and I don’t really have a problem with most match ups except for some of the obvious ones and… Ken. Ken really destroys me, predominantly because of shoryuken. I usually try to close the gap at the start of the round predicting an early hadoken/strike and I go for a forwards jump and a kunai so I can go straight into Tsumuji/Neck Breaker/TC4/or even Hien w/kunai follow up, but then I just get hit with a shoryuken. Ibuki has pretty poor health so it does near a quarter damage and then gives him room for Hadoken/hurricane kicks. Hadoken means I can’t use neck breaker and flash running to get in close and open up with some combos and Shoryuken means Kunai is a bit obvious and is a risk because of Shoryuken. There is the argument that because Ibuki is faster she should be able to open up combos and deal more damage etc. But Ken is bulky and threatens the common wakeup shoryuken, so I find getting in close to be damn near impossible. Even when I do manage to he still has the option to hurricane kick away. Any tips? I actually do worse against Ken than I do against bison and seth… Every other Ibuki player who I am usually better than seems to do okay in this match up. I’m currently practicing how to use focus attack to ‘absorb’ hadoken but Shoryuken is really my main concern.


There’s your mistake. Jump-in kunai is terrible against shoryukens and that should give you the idea to approach Ken from the ground. Don’t have the mindset of getting a knockdown straight away from the beginning of a round. Good players won’t give you that chance. You have 99 seconds to get a knockdown that can win you a round. Take fireball chip damage if you have to, it’s not as threatening as getting anti aired with Ken’s DP multiple times.

Wakeup shoryuken carries a big risk for Ken because of Ibuki’s vortex. The only shoryuken you should worry about is the one that comes out from your blockstrings. You can do bait tactics such as stopping your blockstrings on purpose and wait for them to do something.