Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites

Wednesdays at 8pm EST on CBS

Thought it would be really cool to have a forum for all the Survivor Fans to discuss about the show. The cbs link at the topic is the link to check out if you want to watch the show or missed the episode. CBS usually posts the episode like an hour after the show airs on the west coast so around like 12midnight (EST) of the day the show airs so that it doesn’t spoil it for the west coast people.

Post from Evil Dick of Big Brother Fame of a cool Survivor Website for fans.

"Hey Boys and Girls… I’m involved with a new website called where you can go and predict who will be getting their torch snuffed tonight on Survivor.

There are a ton of your favorite Survivors playing and you can play against them as well.

Here’s a quick 1 minute video explaining how it works…"

Also for those East Coast people like me who watch the show when it comes on I think it would probably be good if we don’t spoil it for the West Coast survivor people. I feel like it would probably be good if we don’t spoil who goes home in our discussions on the episode until probably after the show airs on the West Coast just out of courtesy or to leave the name out or use spoilers tab in our discussions.

Also in referrence to the first episode

That rock is gunna hurt more coming out than going in. #survivor

John Cochran was a regular on a forum I used to visit.

Somewhere deep down inside I’m hoping you’re Phillip “Federal Agent” Sheppard. :slight_smile:

Lol well wouldn’t that be super funny haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still find it hilarious that Phil was actually a federal agent. That crazy guy is too funny.

Recap from Sandra

Survivor’s back on tomorrow. Who does everyone think will go home tomorrow?!<br>

lol Francesca. Thats got to be the worst, being the first-boot on 2 seasons hahaha oh Francesca, stick to your day job.<br>All I can say is BRENDAAA <333 <br>

Parvati got herself an aftershow. Pretty cool of her. She was one of my favorite female survivor castmates.<br><br>

<BLOCKQUOTE class=Quote>
<DIV class=QuoteAuthor><A href=“”>Phillpro1</A> said:</DIV>
<DIV class=QuoteText>Parvati got herself an aftershow. Pretty cool of her. She was one of my favorite female survivor castmates.<BR><BR></DIV></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>She seems very out of place and generic. I like her better when she’s actually playing the game and getting all the guys to dance in the palm of her hand… :wink:

I can’t wait for tonights episode. Hopefully the Favorites continue to dominate lol<br>


Crazy episode of Survivor tonight!

Easily top 5 best moments of survivor! I’m loving this season.

That tribal council was crazy. I knew something was up when the fan side alliance was shown talking about splitting the votes and settling on that plan right away.


For as weird as Phillip is, he did go out with grace. I respect him for that.

Yeah that Tribal Council was pretty crazy and a total blindside. Kinda sucks to see the crazyness of Philip go because he was at least entertaining to watch.

good episode. i think malcom should have kept the other idol a secret until jeff asked if anyone had an idol to play, then hand it to eddy. it would have made the blindside even more chaotic. they did stir up a ton of drama though and that’s what i always love to see. we’ll see what happens next week.

Do you guys think it was in Malcom’s best interest to give away both of the idols leaving him w/ no protection or keeping an idol for himself to use?

it’s tough to say. he could have taken the risk and not played it and it turned out that it would have worked had he done so, but at this stage of the game, you can’t risk it. looking back at the previous episodes, i’d say that along with corrine, too much information was being leaked. from the editing of the show, it also showed how well both of them meshed with the fans, making them bigger targets. just like dawn said when malcom was telling her his plans, it pretty much indicated that he just wasn’t locked in. now he has to fight even harder to try and prevail. as long as sherri or cochran don’t make it to the end, i’m fine with any winner. guess i’m gonna have to check the gd thread more often. i didn’t even know there was a survivor topic. until next week fellas.