Survivor Season 21 Nicaragua Young vs Old!


Its on tonight! No Russel

Looks like a crappy season hopefully this chick will last long


I was actually waiting for this thread to pop up, surprised that Kaz didn’t make it.

lol, I’m rooting for brenda, she seems like she got the game on lock. she already got one of the white boys telling her about alliance he has with the other dude. Being a pretty asian girl on a island has it’s advantages.

Jimmy Johnson, oh snaps~


I like Survivor and all, but I don’t’ know if I want to watch a season filled with old people.


well at this rate, you won’t have to wait very long.

is it me or all the girls besides brenda look low tier?


Show looks boring as hell…Brenda looks hot but i can see her being a real bitch…The only thing so far is that black guy facial remarks haha…


Wait, Survivor started already? What!!! Does not compute…When was the first episode?

And Great Cow Lord, you’re right, I would have made the thread, but I had no idea it started. Typically the fall season of Survivor starts in October, not September. Strange. Either way, subscribed to the thread.


Edit: I guess the season did start. Interesting. I’ll have to watch it later on tonight and post thoughts soon. And :rofl: at Jimmy Johnson being on the show.


Nice mix of personalities this time especially with the old team, the young team actually looks really boring to me. I bet they just have women and **** in Survivor casting dept. who has a pecs fetish because every young guy in there has crazy buff chest while the cute girls are lacking. Even the black girl has a flat ass :confused:

Old team:
Jimmy Johnson Junior Shabadoo - everybody knows this guy and yeah he’s a coach so he’s pretty fuckin annoying and worthless
Tyrone - Sarcastic Black Guy, My favorite of the old members so far, he’s the most physically fit and he looks like he has his head screwed on straight unlike everyone else.
Holly - lol this bitch straight stepped out of a Delorean. Is it still 1985 in South Dakota?
Jimmy T - This guy looks like Triple H if he spent all that time doing meth instead of working out.
Dan - Looks like a retired mafia hitman. I like him so far because he doesn’t talk and I’m expecting him to just snuff out one of the contestants when they piss him off.
Wendy - aka Annoying Goat Herder Cunt Woman (She’s a lieutenant-colonel in the army? WTF?)
Jill - Lesbo…I think…wait let me check…“hobbies: hunting and paintball”… yep.
Marty - He’s the “alpha male” of the old tribe, although I think he’s one of these guys who was a nerd growing up and now just compensating. He also looks like a creepy molesting step dad because when he smiles his eyes remain angry looking. lol.
Jane - She looks like a dog and she talks a lot but she’s not completely worthless so far so I don’t find her annoying (yet)
Yve - MILF, I think she’s also the youngest in the old tribe. I don’t know if she’s hot or if I just find her hot because everyone else is ugly.

Young tribe -
Jud - Holy shit this guy is so dumb it will be hilarious to watch him every episode. I was sure he was going to die just trying to cut those branches. lol Sad but he’s really the only one of the young team I find interesting.
3 generic white dudes who work out their chest a lot - I can’t tell the difference between them yet, right now they are almost interchangeable. I think the dark curly haired one is the biggest asshole and the blonde one has yellow fever.
Kelly B - Amputee from birth defect. How is that a disadvantage though? I count having prosthetics as being a cyborg! According to her bio her Dad died in Haiti during the earthquake while he was doing charity work so you know god really hates her family.
Other girls - meh, nobody really stands out. Maybe the asian looking girl, I think she’s hawaiian or some hispanic-asian mix, I dunno. She’s one of those girls who have twice as much self-esteem as her looks warrant, maybe because she was a cheerleader.


Yeah guys with nice pecs & blurry crotch all season long…Uhhh

There better be some awesome blind side…


I’m still salty of over Russel losing and Sandra wining by sand bagging last season so I will not watch



I peeped the first episode the other night. You may want to watch this season. I will say this much now, the younger tribe has all the personalities there for major drama to occur later down the road :rofl: Not to mention a few people seemed to vow not to let the same thing that happened last season happen this season. Should be an interesting season. What do you guys think about Jimmy Johnson?


As a football fan I am all for Jimmy!



Good episode…Looks like the youngins haven’t graduated from high school yet haha…


Subscribing… yeah I don’t care much for the other characters so far other than the Asian chick. :lol:


I rather re-watch the last two seasons. But I’ll be watching til Coach Jimmy Johnson gets booted. With the way Survivor has been going, I’m gonna say the winner will be the *** blonde dude people are making fun of and are sweeping under the rug already.

wtf edit: *** = ghey but the f word


Oh my God. :rofl:

I hope Team Old People keep winning immunity. Team Young People is a total drama island.


holy fuck fuck fuck!

last night was awesome,DRAMA that you can sink your teeth in! Now this is what this show was missing the whole time. I need the old tribe to keep winning so I can see the massive drama from the young tribe.

old team has a leader for their team - jimmy J. and everyone is working as a unit.

young team team -
black guurl vs. fabio
minorities vs the whites
all the girls vs hot girl brenda

shannon put his foot in his mouth, glad he’s gone. what an idiot.

I need to holla at brenda , she got that power pussy.
since I’m really don’t know how to do spoiler tags ;[ I’m just going to say , you see how she didn’t do nothing and still in the game. HOLLA


it’s Nicaragua btw…


Nicca please!


I’m just saying