Survivor Season 24: One World


Yup, it’s that time again, season 24 of Survivor. New season starts tonight. I’m pretty excited that a new cast will be on this time around. Looks like the castaways will all be in the same camp? Drama for certain, and should bring plenty of blindsides.

As always, SPOILER TAGS when discussing the show!!!


Yea, can’t wait!! And where’s our resident Cochran’s? There’s two of them. They act like they know the whole game but if you put them on the island… well you saw what happened last season.


CANNOT WAIT! I’ve been literally dreaming of Survivor for the last few nights.

I know I’d do better than Cochran if I got on there because I wouldn’t be awkward as all hell and telling stories that make people cringe. Cochran’s social game was atrocious. =\


Totally hyped about this one and Amazing Race. Single camp is definitely interesting.

Who is the chick on the left of this photo? I don’t remember her on the show. HOT!

Is this her as well, beside Ozzie?


Oh damn! Its Mikayla? She looks way hotter with dark hair.


Wasn’t that the one who got booted after Papa Bear on Papa Bear’s tribe? I think I remember because she said she was from Vegas.


Yeah, that’s Mikayla.


That was a fantastic premiere, outside of


Kourtney robbing us of a real first boot and making things a bit anticlimactic.

I loved it though.


Don’t spoil it lol. But redemption island should be reserved for these players like the first “boot” tonight.


Oh, right. I forgot it hasn’t aired in Cali yet, my bad. I added a spoiler tag just in case.


[details=Spoiler] i hate it when the cute girl goes first

latina dickbag can go fuck off [/details]


Jozhear, you pretty much summed up everything I was going to say about those two. It sucks that my pre-show favourite was the first one gone, and I cannot STAND Alicia at all. Come to think of it, I can’t stand Colton either, or that girl for “helping him out” like she did.

Troyzan was absolutely amazing when he called out the girls tribe for whining over Immunity when they would’ve done the exact same thing, lol.


Apparently Kourtney had a cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit removed today. Hopefully she makes a full recovery.


It was that big? Holy crap, I heard it was smaller than a tennis ball. I mean, that’s bad too, but still.


That’s what I had heard anyway. I’ve seen it posted in two places and that’s what they both said, but they might be wrong.


Please please please let there be an epic blindside with that hidden immunity. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile.


Well, it HAS been like 3 seasons. But still, the last season to have them had like…5 of them, so it kind of made up for it. And if someone has to use the Idol to blindside someone then well, they pretty much messed up.


My stupid DVR didn’t record anything. fuck!

That cunt of a latina in the promo claiming that she’s a seductress isn’t even hot. I don’t understand how women like that who are 5 at best can have the self esteem of a 10. Her profile says she’s 25 years old. haha yeah right.


I know some places that I can hook you up with the episodes if you or anyone else’s DVR wind up sucking ass and you miss an episode. If anybody wants. But Dot is probably way ahead of me.


Thanks yeah I know of places to get it from. I live in Canada though and my bandwidth limit is used up for the month and don’t feel like paying an extra 25 bucks since it is going to reset on Sunday. So I have to wait until then to download/stream it.


It’s alright, I’m Canadian too. Luckily we have Global at least.