Survivor: South Pacific

So its on tonight! Looks like they have Coach & Ozzy returning…

Also Russel Hantz nephew is in it…Some hot chicks too…

Also im calling it right now, the black chick is going to be Neyonka part 2

Survivor starts tonight!??!?!

I gotta get up on my survivor game haha. I thought the new season started in October like it normally does.

I’ll be checking this out. Hopefully Coach wins or Russel’s nephew takes the cake.

I totally forgot about this season until I heard it on the radio at work.

Alright my predicitions: one of the blacks chicks are getting the boot.

Why is Asian chick wearing a business suit on Survivor?

And now I’ll wait till everyone post before I start giving out spoilers.

Just use the god damn spoiler tag.

I never watch this shit live. Thank god for On Demand I usually catch it the next day since CBS always fast with the upload.

Not too much happened tonight, just a bunch of character development, ozzy simping a little bit and some smashable chicks.

Well, that and a weird poet chick who sucked at poetry sucking worse at throwing coconuts, Russell’s nephew insisting he could go a month without taking his shirt off, and a marijuana dispenser that apparently hates running out of milk.

As always I’m rooting for the good looking females. That nerdy nigga need to go. Fucking annoying ass mother fucker.
As for males are concerned I always felt bad that Ozzy never won. He was such a beast in physical challenges. Wouldn’t be upset if Coach, that baseball player dude, or Russell’s nephew won either.

Rest of the cast is meh to me.

Yeah, russel’s nephew is stupid. I like how he was talking about how he didn’t like that one chick because of his morals and beliefs, but he’s doing the stalker eyes on her. He’s dumb for thinking he can wear his shirt for an entire month~

I like the cast this time around. I don’t hate anyone completely, ok maybe that cunt who cried but there’s just the right amount of hot girls to interesting people ratio. Semhar was hot as fuck but yeah I could completely understand voting her out first. Ozzie was pretty much the only one rooting for her because he wanted to smash that ass. lol Plus women hate other women so they are never going to be on her side, especially because she’s hotter than everyone in the team.

I thought I was going to hate Russell’s nephew but it’s shaping up to be an interesting unraveling soon. I love that rape stare he gave Mikayla. lol. I usually hate the born again christians but this guy looks like the real deal, as in he is “born again” because he actually had a shady/criminal past unlike the Matt from last season who was probably “born again” from birth and was completely squeaky clean. I can’t wait until he snaps and goes to on a raping rampage.

Nerd guy is annoying as hell but it’s smart to keep him around for a while, especially if you are one of the old people so that you can always have somebody to throw under the bus whenever things don’t go as planned. That old woman was also annoying with that constant ***“I’m strong” ***proclamation then crying. She looks like those women who do yoga and run everyday thinking they can do survivor but are just mentally pathetic once they are away from their Whole Foods organic bullshit for a day.

I’m rooting for Papa Bear, Coach, Marijuana guy and smart Asian chick. I’m not really into Asian girls but she’s cute and is top pick for “marriage” in FMK situations. Papa Bear is interesting as he is openly gay and an NYPD detective. Even though he’s old he’s not completely worthless unlike other old gay survivor contestants. He’s a bit sluggish in his physical movements but he’s in a decent position if he could rally Marijuana guy and weak white woman, he could ride as a swing vote/opposition until the merge. Marijuana guy is smart enough but would be good to use as a fodder since he looks like he’s got that white-guy version of oppositional defiance disorder. It’s good to keep him around especially with Ozzie still in play because you need somebody to undermine Ozzie eventually and you wouldn’t want to do that yourself as a contestant so using Marijuana guy would be a good idea.

Coach slid into the role of leader quite well, he looks level headed so far and got the target off his back pretty quick. Smart move for him would be to keep on campaigning against that cuthroat white woman who was looking for the idol. Ozzie’s status right now is typical alpha male/Boston Rob. He’s already rallied his troops around him and it looks like he’s got an enforcer with that tall guy in his team. The editing makes it look like he didn’t have complete control but who knows what was really said and who campaigned for who. It is an easy enough sell that Semhar thought she had everyone else’s backing/Ozzie’s blessing with the editing but she’s a selfless cunt after all so it’s also not surprising that she didn’t see the vote coming if Ozzie decided to get rid of her.

Wonder how long it’ll take before they realize he’s related to Russell. And LOL at the editing on him and Makayla.

Semhar is an idiot, she should have just got coconut and brought it to the shooters. There’s a way to win in every situation.

They’ll realize Brandon’s related to Russell either when he somehow slips it, or when they have to do a water challenge and he’s forced to take his shirt off, lol.

This season looks to be interesting so far. I second feeling bad for Ozzy for never winning, but then again he’s always been a huge threat in challenges and always likely to be blindsided. Perfect amount of hotness of the season thus far. Happy that one chick got voted off first, she was starting to look like a skeleton to me…

I have to point out that the Hidden Immunity Idol this year looks like crap. Coach actually NOT looking insane is crazy, as was the vote, and Brandon needs to learn to control his balls.

I’m just waiting for Hantz’s nephew to make a movie on Makaila(sp?). The fact that he compares her to Pavarti is an insult.

Pavarti would have him wrapped around her finger and dancing in her palm within the first 10 minutes…:smokin:

Pavarti is godlike. I would let her do anything she wants to me… :coffee:

I’m glad that bitch got voted to redemption island. God I wanted to punch her in the face watching that last ep. (and I’m a dude that don’t hit women!)

Oh wtf I didn’t even know this season started. :frowning:

Seems like no one’s interested thus far :rofl:

Personally, I had been letting the episodes pile up and then watched them all last weekend. Hadn’t seen last night’s yet though.

Mikayla is pretty hot. Brandon is stupid for revealing who he is, and I think once again Ozzy won’t win.


I’ve been interested. Last night’s episode was really good, but watch out Kaz, that Immunity Challenge is uh…kinda disgusting.