Sushi lover's entire body left riddled with WORMS after eating contaminated sashimi



That moment when…your happy your allergic to fish.


Oh, gross. I’ll never eat raw fish or try sashimi.




Was gonna go out for sushi on wednesday.

No longer, gonna suggest some other exotic weird food instead


I’m sure sushi is fine as long as you leave out the raw meat.

But I rarely go out for sushi because it costs a premium…



“This man is clearly a woman”


Sees dailymail article in OP

Sees following posts

You guys do know that Dailymail is basically one of the Kotaku equivalents of news journalism right?


You are missing out

But hey white people don’t eat much of anything


Wanna call bullshit…how does that shit escape your digestive tract and embed itself into your muscles? FLUKES do that shit, but these are tapeworms. All they do is get in there, hang on, and grow. They don’t pull a Scooby Doo and go looking for clues among intra-musclular tissue. As a matter of fact…those DO look like large flukes instead of tapeworms.


You probably have a few of them too.


Wright, surely you are aware of how X-rays work? An Xray is designed to mostly show bone matter. In order to do this, an Xray will see through the majority of soft tissue in the human body. Muscles, tendons, cartilage, ect. In order to specifically concentrate on a problem area composed of soft tissue not relating to bone, it is imaged with a more traditional picture, then injected with dyes, and combined with a following Xray. The human reproductive organ is made exclusively of soft tissues, and is likely to not show up on an Xray unless the aforementioned steps have been taken. As this Chinese man’s fun bits were not the center of medical attention, this is also why his junk would not appear in this Xray.

In summary, just because you cannot see the dick in this image does not guarantee you are looking at an xray of a vagina.

Any more “contradictions” Wright?


You can’t be anymore Wong Edgeworth.

There’s a reason why an erection is called a Boner; It gets hard because there is a bone in there. You would have known this from middle school! There should be no reason why can’t see this man’s wang, or rather… woman’s wang.

Are you not a prodigy!?


cool i tried sushi for the first time the other day


I think this has a lot more to do with China’s sanitary standards than sushi. I have been to China couple of times but I always used extra caution when consuming ANYTHING there.


You cant seriously believe this?!

But I’ll play devil’s advocate despite how disgustingly wrong you are. If there truly is a bone, how does it get soft? Where does this bone go? More importantly, why do you not feel it moving?

There is no bone. It’s just cartilage and a massive influx of bloodflow. “Boner” is a reference to the physical hardness, not to the forming of said arousal results.


As an asian guy nothing really throws me off

But the only food i despise is eggplant

I don’t get how people won’t try food

But then i am in california, land of awesome food


Since we’re bring up the Phoenix Wright and playing pretend courtroom, there’s one piece of evidence that needs to be asked about.

[details=Spoiler]Did they get these worms…

on tape?[/details]


having sushi on friday. jokes on him, i only eat baked rolls. lol


Yeah, i clicked the link and was like, wait, how. There isnt a lot of info in the link at all really, so it could just be made up bullshit for all i know, because sushi always has a ton of urban legends following it. Like, there is literally no info in that link at all. Its just some chinese man ate some shit, and here are some xrays of what appears to be a woman (even though they said it was a man), and here are some opinons and speculation to fear monger you more.

Like, that link seriously has no facts or info in it at all. It might as well be pure fiction, first page of ufo magazine next to the drunk abductee. lol


I’m just lol-ing at you guys expecting to see a Chinese man’s dong on an X-Ray, Blu-ray, MRI, or with anything other than a magnifying glass…

:I’d coffee smiley here, but well, you know… SRK and bitchassness: