Okay guys, need some help. Been planning on taking a chick to this sushi bar but I really have no clue as to what I should order/what’s good/what’s what. So any insight on sushi and maybe some info would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the menu:

Samurai Japanese Restaurant



if you’ve never had sushi before, i’d start with shrimp tempura rolls. they’re good and noobie friendly, imo.

Crunch Roll

if you feel good with “raw” fish, i recommend Red Snapper, and Yellowtail.


I’d recommend salmon roll as it’s probably one of the easier dishes to eat, considering there is no real flavor to it unless you add wasabi or soy sauce.


To me it seems really hit or miss when it comes to sushi and people. Just try random shit, and if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t. We can’t really decide for you.


Lobster rolls are GDLK. It makes the ladies drop they panties and grow an extra vagina for you.

You are in luck. I see it listed under Menu > Special Roll.


Anything with lobster, crab, or tuna = GDLK!

Thank god I get free sushi!


Holy shit, the special rolls look so fucking gdlk.

And haha yeah, thanks for that xD lobster ftw. Loving the recommendations, keep’m coming guys.


Order the Gods candy: Toro (Usually always left off the menu). And as far as rolls go: Rainbow Roll for the variety.


Sushi is easy to order, just say “Chef’s Order!”

If the restaurant does not have Chef’s Order, then it is not a real sushi place. If it does, then congrats, you just picked up the special for the night.


I’d stay with rolls if you aren’t familiar. And if they have a light soy sauce, try that at first. Isn’t quite as strong. If you like spicy, then mix some wasabi into the soy.

For beginner friendly rolls: Anything fried. Just go with ingredients you like. Shrimp Tempura is usually a safe bet.

If you’d like to try something raw, Tuna and Yellowtail are great, if the cut/quality is good. They’re clean and simple, just seaweed, rice and fish. If you like this, in time you’ll probably start to enjoy sashimi. If you don’t, no point in getting sashimi. If you’re in the middle, then give it time. It’ll probably grow on you.

You could also try eel. It’s not nearly as odd as you might think going in, and it’s typically cooked. Some places do their eel up too sweet for me, but it’s usually pretty good.


Oh yeah my girl’s allergic to shrimp ;_;

Great insight guys, thanks alot. Keep it coming :smiley: and another question…

How much is too much to order? (until you’re full, duher) but going in how much should I expect to order? I’m not a fatass and neither is ma lady: I’d say we have… Average stomachs? XD what am I saying, it’s late but yeah. Not overeaters by any means. Thanks again


2 super rolls (rainbow, caterpillar, dragon, etc) per person is a pretty good amount. If you are eating nigiri , then 4 orders (8 pieces) should be a pretty good amount.

Make sure you tell your sushi chef about any allergies. They might switch it up for you. Also you are eating sushi, sake bombing must be taking place (doesn’t have to, but highly encouraged).


Sake bombs are the best. Especially if you place the sake cup between two chopsticks over the beer glass. As far as portion size goes, I say 1 roll a piece and share another so 3 total. It won’t make you full but sushi is meant to turn a woman on. Edemame should be ordered as an appetizer too. I myself could finish 2 rolls and 20 nigiri pieces but if I was trying to get into her panties I’d do the 3 dishes rule.


I thought that was the only method… :confused:

Unless you are suggesting some people take Sake bombs like Jager Bombs?


Okay, when you say rolls I’m assuming you mean dish/platter of rolls. And cool 3 it is…

And sake? What’s that? Also, what’s edemame?



It’s the true way that we all know but you can’t tell me you’ve seen people take it like jager bombs, hell even just pouring sake in the beer then toasting it…


Sake is rice wine. Edamame is soybeans.


If your girl is allergic to shrimp, you pretty much cut the special rolls of sushi offered by most sushi joints in half or more. :rofl: Better make sure she’s not allergic to other shellfish too like crab… or you’re super fucked.

As far as too much to order, it really depends on the restaurant and the size of the rolls. Generally, I’d say a good rule is the (n+1) formula, where n is equal to the number of people in the party. Since there are two of you, order three rolls. Keep a menu with you just in case you want to order more.


I’m 18 so I don’t think I can order sake, much less sake bomb ;_; but so far it’s looking like LVP said. Order edemame as an appetizer, 3 rolls, and an order of toro. Whatever that is :o

I’m definitely getting the lobster rolls, and probably an order of the rainbow rolls if she’s down. The other I dunno it’s up to her but if she let’s me choose I think I’ll go with the special crunch. Sans shrimp
Of course ;;;;_____;;;;

How’s that order sound guys?