Sutff to do in Vegas besides Evo


I’m planning this trip for Evo but that’s only going to be a small part of the trip. Any Vegas insiders know good places to eat, shit to avoid, shows you can’t miss, good deals, etc?


There are a million places to eat in Vegas but I can tell you one place you’ll absolutely want to try for breakfast. It’s called Hash House and there is one just off the strip and one inside a strip Hotel. The portions are huge and the menu is amazing. You’ll be full of energy all day. Here’s the site:
Hash House a go go - Twisted Farm Food - Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Other than that, you’re pretty much boned on shows because if you don’t have tickets already then you’re going to have to pay top dollar to find anything this late. Blue Man Group is excellent as are the Cirque shows if you can find them.

As far as what to avoid, don’t walk the strip. If you’ve never done it and just feel the need, be warned it’s trashy and much longer than you expect. Don’t carry around anything too valuable or heavy and whatever you do, don’t jay-walk if you can avoid it. Watch for Taxi drivers…they are the craziest fuckers and will run you over at crosswalks. Also do NOT hail a Taxi on the strip, it’s illegal for you and them both. Go to a hotel lobby (any hotel) for a taxi.


Try Raising Cane’s. Dope ass chick strips.


Oh yeah, if any of you hit a jackpot or just feel the need to hit a strip club, here are a few guidelines about Vegas:

Strip Clubs in Vegas
-BE POLITE. To the guy at the door, to the girls, to the waitresses, everyone. They all talk to eachother so if you’re a dick, you’ll get nothing.
-Hygiene, use it. Pretend you’re going in for a physical exam, clean everything. Your ass, your taint, your ears, everything.
-Dress nice. No jerseys, no sweat pants, no sideways hats. Some places will let you get away with these things but not many and if it’s a convention weekend they get really picky and will not let you in.
-Have money before going in. You don’t want to use the ATM in there if you can avoid it. For one, the fees are nuts (up to $10)
and they often only give out $100s. Setting yourself a limit is a good idea too.
-Get yourself a nice booth or table away from the main stage if you can. When crowded, getting privacy is difficult and be warned, you might be elbow to elbow with another table if it’s a packed club. This is common.
-Don’t be afraid to turn down the first girl that walks up to you. They will hit you hard and fast so just be polite and say maybe later or that you are just getting a feel for the place.
-Eye contact: If they don’t tap your shoulder on their own, this is how girls find you. If you’re staring at one and she sees you, she’ll likely come over. If you saw one you like, try to get her to see you…but don’t wave like a goofy idiot.
-Vegas is a bit more relaxed than many areas of the country. By default you aren’t supposed to touch the girls so keep your hands at your sides until you feel things out. Don’t be a groping asshole right off the bat. In reality, it’s the girl that decides what you can do, not the club so much. Often they will grab your hand and show you what you can do and often times it’s quite a bit, especially if you’ve had a few dances. If not, you can simply ask. It’s not weird at all, they’ve heard it all before. What dancers hate more than anything are surprises.
-If you really like a girl and have had a few dances, buy her a drink and let her hang out. Just say “let’s take a break, can I get you a drink?”. For the cost of that drink you could get a free dance or at the very least some extra time with her on your lap. More than a song’s worth anyway.
-The smaller and more off the strip the club, usually the more relaxed they are. This is not always the case but some downtown clubs will go that extra mile, especially if they are not busy. Again, don’t be an asshole just feel it out and tread slowly. Take a look around, see what’s going on.
-Avoid the champagne/VIP room. It’s very rarely worth it and often times they are a few hundred bucks just to enter and they don’t tell you about the mandatory drinks you need to buy (for you AND her). If a girl pressures you into going there, ignore her and find a new one.


Las Vegas Attractions, Things to do in Las Vegas |

This is a good rundown of what attractions are on the strip. There are many things that are free.


I heard there are ticket places that sell same day tickets for shows that aren’t fully sold out. I don’t know how much luck people have with those, but it’s worth a shot.

Hash House is #1 on our to-do list as well. Are any of the rides worth a shit?


I’m probably going to go do this Skyjump Las Vegas | Jump through the sky at the Stratosphere Tower’s SkyJump Las Vegas .

It’s not really a freefall so it’ll be pretty boring accelleration wise, but you can’t beat the view of jumping off a building.


if youre into hoops, the summer league is going on @ the cox pavilion.


Gamble. Even if you don’t want to make money, throw a $20 in the penny slots and grab free well drinks while you’re killing time. If you go back without gambling you’re going to regret it.

Also, walking the strip is an experience you shouldn’t want to pass up. I live in midtown Manhattan so I understand the desire to avoid garish, brightly lit tourist traps but Vegas really is a playground that is one of a kind. Just walking through the high-end casinos–Venetian/Palazzo, Wynn, Bellagio, and the brand new Aria–is an inexpensive way to to see an absurd amount of opulence and decadence concentrated in one area that you probably haven’t seen before.

Also, two words when it comes to strip clubs: “free limo.”


Alright, what are some good shopping malls/places in Vegas? Since I’m from Canada, shit is generally cheaper in the States and I wanna see what’s really good.

Also, how is the transportation? I’m thinking cab is the best way to get around.


Apparently you can’t hail cabs on the strip. You have to go into the hotels and tell the desk you want a cab and then they’ll call you. Sounds like a pain in the ass.


i think they have a place called sun buggy fun renatls where u can rent a buggy and ride in it and place called skymania where it s big facility with nothing but trampolines.


Its really not. The cabs come fairly quick.


If you looking for places to shop, the Las Vegas Premium Outlet has some awesome stores for an outlet. They have like True Religion, Juicy, Guess, Ed Hardy and other high end stuff and you might be able to find some nice deals.

If your ballin’, places like the Fashion Show mall on the strip or Caesar’s Palace Forum shops or Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood usually have some nice high end stores.

If your bringing your girl, any Cirque shows are awesome.

My rule is to just dress up at night if you are going out. Button up, Nice jeans, and a pair of dress shoes to make sure you get in anywhere (clubs, strip clubs, bars etc.) and looking good for the ladies.


What’s the age for the nudy clubs?

Id be interested in going, if they’d let me in.


strip clubs… man I love those… anyway 18+ for totally nude, that would be little darlings and a few others. They don’t serve alcohol at these and tend to be reallly crowded so I avoid them. The 21+ ones are topless and serve alcohol. My favorite personally is Deva Vu behind the Fashionshow mall

I can’t believe I logged in after like 3 years just to reply to this. Important info is important tho.




If you’re looking to hit some bars, I recommend Double Downs, Sin City Brewery, or Diablo’s Cantena. You can also find some really cheap drinks at O’Sheas as well ($1 Irish car bombs!). Food wise late night breakfast at the Peppermill is a must. I also recommend Burger Bar at the MB. As for strip clubs, Spearmint Rhino is not a bad choice either. Albeit a tad pricey.


yo real talk if u want free drinks or even free food u holla at ur boi kaeyo i wrk and bar and grill. also for ppl that wanna go clubing while they r here hit me up also i can get u in all the clubs free access. strip clubs are the best way to waste ur money might as well get a hooker from downtown and have a show in ur room.

Macc is right about the bars those they are cheap.
Osheas have beer pong and have alot of MM for that as well.

if u are with me i highly recommened bring cash for tipping my women for food and drinks.


Bunny Ranch.

Just saying… >.>