SUV stage

what’s your best time…no chun-li times :lame:

i can do yun with 41 seconds left:
d.strongxxjab palmxxGJ, jab palmx11, car breaks, feirce palm(while suv flips…hits meaty), jab palmx4, stand feirce.

Ryu sa1 with 43 seconds left:
s.feircexxRH hurricane kick, s.feircexxRH hurricane kick, s.feirce, car breaks, dash in, s.feircexxferice DPxxshinkuu, s.feircexxfeirce DPxxshinkuu, s.feirce.

who’s got the best time?


i gots the same with your Ryu time. i do the same thing too.

with Dudley, 42 seconds left.

s. roundhouse x short SSB 'til car falls then j. fierce -> s. roundhouse x short SSB xx Corkscrew. repeat 'til car gives up.

with Ken, 40 seconds left.

s. strong, s. fierce x jab Shoryu 'til car falls then s. strong, s. fierce x jab Shoryu xx Shippu 'til it breaks.


I can break it pretty quickly with Alex. I’ll check my time next time, but it should be around 38-40 sec left.

40 with makoto with excellent
43 with akuma and no excellent

is there any way to get excellent with hugo (which would mean you’d have to get to the other side of the SUV

Sc.Stg xx Frc.Tourouzan (Repeat)

39 secs left.

Why No Chun Li Times? You Discriminate!

my yun one is actually 40 seconds with 6 jab palms at the end***edit***

ok chunli, can you do sa2 super jump canceled sa2? just wondering.

i just do electricity with necro.

with makoto i do that red skin super then feircexxqcb+jab

,.I’m mad high

You can do that, but her EX legs can break it in like 5 seconds.

Oro’s Tengu Stone make things go quick.

necro’s electricity takes forever

screw all that.

Necro’s taunt is THE only way to bring the truck down!


LOL !! lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick

air ex-spaghetti arms with 12 owns!

about 41 seconds with dudley.

s.rh -> fierce dp x corkscrew
s.rh -> fierce dp x corkscrew
s.rh -> fierce dp x corkscrew

and then
s.rh -> jab ssb until car breaks.