SUZO - If U Don't Know You Better Get 2 Know


Everyone modding there sticks to be tighter, stiffer and with a more short preciser throw, is making adjustments to improve there stick. There is a stick already out there that exceeds any of the mods possible and is known to those who use the SUZO as the best stick ever made, you rreally have to use the suzo to understand that nothing can compare to it. When I was younger it was the stick I was brought up on, and when I played on other machines, I more or less couldn’t, the sticks that you all feel are quality sticks, are more r less unusable to me, I’m not saying that they are poor sticks, it’s that the SUZO is so good, that when I use another stick it’s like I’ve never played before.
If you have never used a SUZO before your performance will be boosted dramatically. Your lucky in a way as you have hd to work harder to pull of them moves. The SUZO is so cheap that you can’t miss the opportunity to buy and try one out.

There are 3 SUZO sticks, 2 are out of production and are very sought after, I recently aquire dthem both and will give full in depth reveiws and rundowns on parts etc.
1: SUZO 500 - Cherry Microswitch’s and tight super short precise throw - Still in production.
2: SUZO [Rubber Tension Centering Gromit] - This is the predasessor to the 500 but does not use a spring, instead a large rubber gromit takes care of the entire centering mechanism, and is more consistent than a spring in positioning. Is said to be superior to the modern 500, so therfor possibly the best stick for fight games depending on your biews on the holy grail the suzo inductive.
3: SUZO UNIVERSAL INDUCTIVE: This is also out of production. This jpystick is the same as the 500 but uses an inductive ferite pcb, so no moving parts, it uses a spring for centering. As it is inductive it is better for gsmes that take advantage of an analog control with variations of input ie pressure sensative movement, and degrees of direction. As most fight games just understand left is left right is right, and aprt from diaganol inputs there is no detection of variation, when you move left it’s just one input you can’t move faster or slower the garder you push, and there is no variation in detection between left and diagonal left up, it’s simply 8 way. This stick is still great for fighting games, but those games will not take full adavantage of what the stick has to offer.

If anyone else has experience of all 3 and give some enlightenment before I can plug the other 2 in and test them out fully, please add your thoughts. And if anyone is af=ter either of the sticks I maybe tempted to sell if price is right.



I’m pretty sure kowal sang high praises of the Inductive (possibly named it best-of-all-time?)

But good luck convincing an American majority on the merits of a European stick :sweat:


Isn’t Happ teamed up with SUZO now, and before they did, I’ve been looking at videos or there sticks and they seem pretty similar, and location really shouldn’t matter, the fact that it’s unheard of in alot of places means it has been over looked by alot, and as it’s so cheap it really should be looked at by those after a tight precise stick. I’m not trying to say I know everything, and I’d love tro hear from people with experience of the suzo and most other sticks, as I’d like t know how they feel they compare, and if microswitches, springs etc, from other sticks would be worth swapping out and put in the suzo to make it even better.

Heres my stick

and a link to my thread


suzo and happ are one company now called suzo-happ


But what about IL?


Every needs to listen to the OP, Ive just recently modded my Omni-Stik (Suzo 500) to fit a green happ bat top (for now) and tested it for the first time last night. This stick is wonderful. (yeah, even better than the taeyoung fanta, and i thought that stick was the best stick ever made) For all those that are sleeping need to wake the fuck up. And believe me i went thru a fuck lot of sticks.

Sanwa’s, Semitsu’s, iL, Happ’s, Fanta’s, you name it.

i was playing SF2 with this stick and i can DP in an instant hardly without any effort, my game in sf3 also increased with this stick. Bottom line, Suzo sticks ARE the best sticks ever made…(IMO). It still all boils down to preference tho.

the only thing bad i can say about this stick is that its a bitch to take apart and reassemble. But than again, when dealing with high quality its suppose to be that way.

check this thread out on how to mod the stick to fit a ball top shaft.
My Dai-Fukkatsu stick. Now BLACK LABEL Edition.


I have various reasons for being skeptical. However, the biggest at the moment for doubting your judgment and claims:

You use a happ bat top on your stick? lol clearly you’re not all that informed about a little thing called Ergonomics, so forgive me if i doubt the rest of your praises.

Quite wrong. Sanwa JLF is high quality and easy to take apart.

Being tough to take apart is more a sign of CLUMSY design than quality.


Bruv we are not trying to preach we are trying to help. The handle is just the part of it, the suzo has a ball top, if you want to mod to a bat thats your preference. The main thing is the guts of the ting. The suzo is based on a old design which has hardly change dovery the years, it is made to take a pounding, I remember hanging off them in my arcade when I was younger, the stick really isnt that hard once you buy the clip expander, after that it’s just the same as any other stick, but before I bought that tool, ys it’s a safe to get into.

The suzo breaks all the rules, price, design and quality, If you guys think you are good now, you will punish people with a suzo, I’m so impressed that you can all play so well with the joysticks that are your current choice…

Who on this site is the one you will all respect there opinion, I’m gonna buy a suzo and post it to them. Why I am making it possible for the online competition to be even better I don’t know, but it’s like when I started using macs at college, I can’t let people not know that there is something miles better right under there noses. I will post a video later showing the suzo and the JLF ultimate mod.

I am very open minded, and I have tried alot of other joysticks, and I can’t see a big difference between a SE MadCatz, and a premium version, I haven’t used every stick, but all the reviews and video demonstrations, all show that every other stick has such a wide throw in comparison. Please tell me why your stick of choice is good, I want to buy one just to see what the fuss is about, incse there is one stick I have over looked.

ALthough Suzo & happ are now merged, there is still suzo products which are seperate such as the suzo 500.


Perhaps, but that other poster was making some mighty big claims.

Everything is intertwined, simple Ergonomics goes a long way in overall stick design. Thats part of the reason the Sanwa JLF is so popular.

Does not matter how nice your parts are if the method used to control them is a wonky caveman club haha.

Not impressed by sheer durability seeing as how Happ, with their honking huge industrial metal parts & springs, are super-durable as well.

Does not make the stick good.

Also not many players are going to be beating the crap out of their sticks like a child for that to be an issue also.

Furthermore, if the stick is good and designed well to begin with, there is no need to be putting massive force & pressure behind movements.

Forgive me for being skeptical, but you wouldn’t be the first member here to shout the praises of an inferior stick.

There are a few around here who still sing the praises of american style design. Even a few years back before i realized the greatness of japanese style, i myself could be seen spouting off claims about how the Happ/IL Competition was plenty good enough and didn’t buy the Sanwa hype. How wrong i was.

Now when you make statements like that, you can’t blame me for not taking your claims seriously lol.

A tiny throw does that automatically mean= best stick design. Is that the only reason you have?

Also what kind of gate does your stick(Suzo 500?) have?


Really. Please. Just. Stop. Or else I will have to convince you of the fact that vanilla tastes superior to chocolate.


I would try it out, but I noticed right away the difference in moving from an SE to a TE. I am no expert but it was very noticeable upon first playing.


Found this on kowal’s thread about modding the 500:


That is the Suzo Inductive with his Custom Shafts for Balltop.
Very few people have those Custom Shafts.


Korean Fanta sticks have bat tops, and they are agreed to be some of the of the best sticks for Tekken. Just because the top is shaped a certain way does NOT mean it’s a shitty joystick. Don’t equate everything that’s shaped that way with HAPP.


Its all about Ergonomics, which is as important as any other factor in stick design. The stick top/shaft is where ALL the interaction with the player and control takes place afterall.

You could have the best designed parts in existence, but put a shitty stick top on it? And that automatically takes it down a peg.

Balltops are ergonomically superior to bats in every way.

Thus any fool that still uses a battop is probably uninformed about such an important concept as ergonomics, so i can only imagine whatever else they are wrong on…


i play on bat top to piss off the fanboys. it’s weird how it’s ergonomically contoured to fit my preferred play style. see, i can use that word too.


You speak in absolutes too often and too easily. Especially here, and correct me if I’m wrong, where you’re dismissing something you’ve never used. I think ergonomics are as important as the next guy but you seem to be missing a key element (one that a quick stroll through any computer store for example would quickly illuminate) and that is that human beings aren’t the same. What’s ergonomic and comfortable for one person is unwieldy and uncomfortable for someone else.


lol you’re not pissing anyone off, only holding yourself back.

I don’t throw that word around lightly, nor in an attempt to sound “smartsy” haha. Ergonomics is a hugely important part of ANY stick design.

Only a fool would ignore it.

The main 3 reasons why Sanwa JLF is so preferred over something like the Happ Competition is:

#1- Ball top
#2- Light resistance spring
#3- Square gate.

By putting a battop on a JLF, you’re automatically neutering part of its appeal and design.

Of coarse there are bound to be some that are not comfortable with it, and its not 100.10%.

However for the Majority of human beings with human shape hands lol, the ball top is naturally the most ergonomic and comfortable shape to use.


Infiltration got into top 16 at evo fine with a fanta stick. In fact most of the top tekken Korean players with Korean bat tops, absolutely killed everyone at evo using fantas.

Depending on how one holds a stick changes weather one is shape is more ergonomic.

Ergonomics didnt effect them. Also, fact: vanilla tastes superior to chocolate.


i didn’t say it was a jlf, dummy. you’re assuming execution with least motion is the “win” factor here in a game of feints and educated guessing. next you’re gonna tell me a pad and hitbox are the best becuase i’m a fool for moving my wrist at all. jerking off to a stick brand cuz you don’t understand smartsy words til your fingers get sore is what’s making you into a running joke.