Suzo inductive


What is a mint one worth?


$30 is how much I saw the last four sold each for.
I’ll buy it from you.

I don’t know what mint means to you.
But all four were new.


Damn I thought they were more than that. I have a few coming from an old parts supplier, they are supposed to be new


A New Suzo inductive?
I though the Suzo Inductive stop production many many years ago.


Not to sure when production stopped. I know I have had trouble finding any info on them


Put them up for at least 50 imo.


Can some one post a pic?



I won’t have them in my hands till Monday. I bet jdm can take a pic of his


I don’t have one.
rtdzign bought the one I want.
butteroj bought the one I want also.


Definitely interested in picking one of these up when you have them. Guess I’ll just need to watch the Trading Outlet…


Jdm, ill sell/trade you mine, but only because its you.


I’ll take them all if you wanna do a bulk price


Hey, just curious if you ever got these in.


I got one. It is a bit strange because it is different feel from the STC 500 aside from the obvious inductive switches. The inductive has a smaller balltop and an Octagonal Top Barrel above the PCB, while the STC 500 has a Square gate bottom and bigger ball handle. Parts are not interchangable with the Suzo STC. Note that the dustwasher is a Happ one that I added to cover the big ass hole.


My few became 2.

Put In the trading outlet


Did you make that case? I’ve been lookin for one for my inductive.


yeah I made the case. It was a rush job.