Svc 2?

Well my friend was doing some reasearch on some snk stuff and he found some screenshots of SVC 2.

1 - i bet thats fake
2 - SNK is changing their sprite style assumingly for KOFxii, so why would they go back to SvC sprites?
3 - the thread right below this one is where SNK stuff should go to, this could be considered spam
4 - howsit hangin?

wow…well id call fake but that allen sprite is no ripp, Thats a original sprite right there in svc form

most likely an april fools joke or something, but if it’s real it’d be cool as long as the game is good.

Oh shit, I’d play that.

I’d bet money thats fake!

Besides a "close source of mine will remain anonymous for secretive reasons :wink:"says SNK lost Capcoms license because of SVC1,…and NGBC WAS to be SVC2, but since SNK lost Capcoms license NGBC became an all SNK fighters game.

Also, Capcom asked SNKp to join for another game to support 2d fighters since Capcoms were suffering and SNKp refused…:sweat: :sad:

So as much as I’d like to believe this…I believe its photoshop my friend.

game looks like shit anyway…i expect SNK to do much better especially with the Taito type X2 board, if thats what they would churn out, GGPO

wasn’t there a wallpaper floating around of several female chicks at the beach and at the bottom right it said “SVC2”

Somehow, I doubt that SNK refused Capcom’s request, seriously. I think that Capcom will have something concerning that 2D fighter teaser site sometime after either E3 or TGS, so I wouldn’t count out the possibility of a CvS3.

Well the guy I got the info with works pretty close with SNKPlaymore…so I’d surely take his word…

As much as we’d love to see CVS3 SNK doesnt have Capcoms license anymore…its like Marvel 3.***.the license is gone…***

god, CvS3…whoopdeeeffingdoo

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that Felicia sprite before as a fan edit.

It’s the other way around. Capcom doesn’t have the SNK license.

the blog your friend found this shit on doesn’t lend itself to being even remotely credible thanks to the awesome amount of info in that particular entry

LMMFAO seriously thats mugen :rofl:

Awful photoshot is awful.

Thats pretty much because Capcom took nearly all the cash made from CvS1n2, and you remember not long after SNK went under, I think they made that deal to try and save their asses, but it didnt workout.

CvS 3 would be great but I doubt it, that new Capcom 2d fighting game probably is DevilKings but who knows.

hey im definatly not saying the screens are real…and really woulden’t care if they were or not.

but that allen (guy with machine gun in top screen) is not in any other game, and SVC2 was officially announced way back when. So its not impossible that theese shots are early real things. Wouldn’t mean the games comming out or anything like that though

lmao @ the picture of Akuma throwing fireballs during the parry practice.

iight just to clear this up that is indeed a fake because he got that sprite of the guy from metal slug at this guys website who does some pretty amazing sprites by the way. o yea i had to register just so i could clear this up.